Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s $40 Million House in Los Angeles

13. The Master Bathroom Terrace

You didn’t honestly think that Tom and Gisele would forgo a soaking tub, did you? Of course, they didn’t. They just placed it out on the attached terrace. Unlike the more traditional white soaking tub, this is a Japanese soaking tub made from hinoki wood. They are known for being incredibly deep and having a constant lemony aroma that is more pronounced during baths. In case the couple is feeling a bit modest, the curtains surrounding the terrace can be closed.

14. Gisele’s Ginormous Closet

It goes without saying that the couple do not share a closet. Instead, they both have huge closets entirely to themselves. Gisele’s closet is fitting for a supermodel. It includes custom-made cabinets and shelves, making it easy to see everything without having to actually dig through it. The island in the middle is topped with a marble countertop and the chandelier is an antique, giving the closet a classy vibe.

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