Jon Bon Jovi’s Penthouse In New York City Listed At $39.9 Million


Jon Bon Jovi is selling his New York Penthouse. Don’t get too excited unless you have almost $40 million, as the 7,500 square foot home is listed at $39.9 million. Potential buyers should feel lucky, as, initially, the penthouse was listed for $42 million.

But these are just some numbers that don’t mean anything for non-millionaires people. So, we’d better take a look at this house and let our minds dream about how it would be like to live in a luxury penthouse, a celebrity home that was previously owned by the famous Jon Bon Jovi himself.

Although the interior looks elegant and stylish, it’s the huge terrace overlooking the city that is the most stunning place of this home. More than just some relaxing areas and outdoor dining, this looks like a green oasis in a city where concrete surrounds everything. Definitely the place to lose track of time contemplating the views or meditating along that Buddha statue in the wonderful improvised garden.

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