Linda Tawil Buys $14.7 Million Malibu Beach House

Tawil made it official and recently closed the deal on a spectacular beach house in Malibu. It’s not bad for the former YouTuber who earned a fortune with her brother and partner. They got together and went in on their very own business, then turned it into a thriving and successful enterprise that made her recent purchase of a multimillion-dollar vacation home possible. Linda Tawil is a successful entrepreneur who started out small. She partnered with Chris, her elder brother, and opened up a brush supply store in Burbank, California. Her true business savvy shined through when she and Chris turned the startup into a thriving business after adding makeup into the mix of products offered. What started out small turned into something big. Linda was a major player in the transformation of the company. According to The Dirt, Linda marketed her makeup and brush supply store on Instagram and YouTube. She also developed close relationships with social media influencers who have high-profile accounts. This exposed her to millions of viewers with an interest in the products that she offered. Among her friends on social medial include Jaclyn Hill, and none other than the incredibly popular Jeffree Star.

Way beyond unicorn status

Tawil’s company named Morphe grew into a phenomenally popular cosmetics line that grew and expanded quickly. The colorful company achieved unicorn status with its $1 billion valuations and just kept going. As of early February of 2021, Morphe’s valuation has doubled to a whopping $2 billion valuation. This is how you make a fortune. The company has been in existence since 1984. Linda had married, gave birth to children, and ended her marriage between then and now. She’s not wallowing in grief or feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she’s moving on with life and doing so in grand style at age 40.

Tawil’s new home

Linda paid cash for the purchase of her new oceanfront home. It’s situated in a breathtaking part of Escondido Beach in a fairly secluded location. Her brother was the first to make the move to Escondido and she followed. She bought the home from Mike and Caroline Cusumano. It’s a 3 bedroom 5 and half bath home with 4,090 square feet of space. for $14.7 million she only has 0.23 acres of the property but it’s in an exclusive part of Malibu with a nearly prohibitive price tag for the land of any kind. The home was built in an angular modern design and completed in 1984. Although far from being a new dwelling, the spectacular Malibu beach house has undergone extensive renovations. The 2015 value of the home was $8.8 million. The now fully updated beach house has almost doubled in its value. It’s loaded with all of the creature comforts, state-of-the-art technology, and the most recent and innovative luxury amenities and gadgets. A private road leads to the house that is hidden from public view by a high wall that encircles the entirety of the front of the residence.

The exotic beach house offers breathtaking views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean from the double doors that lead to the deck outside the living room. There is a formal dining area in the light and airy decor that feels like a breath of fresh air. The majority of the theme features white or light-colored walls accented with blues and natural distressed wood accents on the interior. A good-sized wet bar is located just behind the living area. It offers all of the latest modern conveniences. The attractive kitchen area offers a white with gold accent decor with marble countertops in grey and white, a convenient breakfast bar, and ample lighting.

The master bedroom is also in white and natural light Earth tones with a vaulted ceiling and a spectacular chandelier to provide lighting. Sliding glass doors offer a wide view of the beach and ocean in the distance. There is a stylish modern fireplace to throw off the chill of late evenings. The wraparound deck encircles the home, tastefully lined with metal and glass railing. The master bathroom is decorated in white and grey with marble countertops and ample open space. Wide sliding glass doors open to the deck outside and offer a broad view of the beach and the Pacific Ocean in the background. It’s the perfect place for enjoying a wonderful hot soak while watching the sun disappear into the ocean.

The beach house is also equipped with a separate workout room. It’s fully stocked with the latest high-tech exercise equipment. For entertainment, there is a built-in home cinema complete with high-end theater chairs, a widescreen, and the best projection equipment for watching productions in the privacy of your own home. Other amenities include an enclosed inground swimming pool with built-in lounge chairs and an outdoor dining patio with room to accommodate several guests or family members.

Final thoughts

Linda Taweil’s $14.7 million Malibu Beachhouse is proof that the pandemic hasn’t slowed down the success of her thriving business. She settled on a classy and elegant hideaway that offers her and her family protection from prying eyes. It’s one of the most beautiful and fully updated beach houses in the area. Linda is living in the lap of luxury in her beautiful new home. This is what can happen when you take a good idea and turn it into a reality. The queen bee of Morphe has built a successful global company from a small shop that sold brushes. If you’re considering entrepreneurship, just look at what she was able to accomplish with a good idea and the willingness to work for her dreams. At the age of 40, Linda has many good years and it would not be surprising to see her cosmetics company continue to gain in valuation.

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