20 Beautiful Rooms Incorporating the Color Sage Green

There’s nothing like color that’s inspired by nature. Sage green is a color that resembles dried sage leaves. The color grouping of sage greens are completely muted, and they can either be cool or warm. It’s typically the mixture between slate and citron. A variety of sage greens have been coming up lately in modern home décor, whether it’s used as wall paints or as accents. Sage green is quite versatile and can be used and dressed any season of the year. It’s definitely the latest trend in interior design. Here are 20 lovely rooms that incorporate the color sage green beautifully.

1. Nature on walls

Mother nature has provided us with great tones of sage green, and one way to incorporate it at home is to display them on walls. Here we see leaves and feather displays that are balanced by a sage-olive lamp.

2. Sage on wood

Wooden furniture such as this chest is delightful when painted a lighter sage green. It goes very well with a farmhouse theme, giving the room a sense of chic and a slight masculinity at the same time.

3. Gentle cabinetry

Sage green on cabinets adds a cool touch to a kitchen area, and when accented by a white countertop, it makes for a completely clean look. Notice also the subway tiles just has a slight hint of sage in them, tying in the countertops to the cabinets in a special way.

4. Farmhouse appeal

When combined with farmhouse style décor, sage looks absolutely calming. White floral arrangements such as a simple yet big bouquet of baby’s breath adds just slight contrast to the color of the walls.

5. Botanical room

Who’s to say that you can’t make everything green in a room? The lightness of sage green makes this room possible without making it overwhelming. The effect is actually relaxing, as all the greenery makes you feel as if you’re in an indoor garden.

6. Sage couch

There’s something worldly about the richness of the couch color mixed with the browns and the whites. The gallery of fern leaves behind the couch also adds a natural touch, making the room feel very Earthy.

7. Minimalist sage

Sage is such a subtle color that it works really well with minimalism. This simple bedroom set up is peaceful, and the contrast of white and dark accents makes the sage pop out even more.

8. Sage and gray

The gray and sage almost blends well together, making this color scheme one that’s very muted yet inviting. The large white chandeliers pop against the darker sage wall, which is just the right amount of accent in this otherwise plain room.

9. Everything sage

This beautiful living room set up is perfect for a beach side retreat. All the colors are muted, and the slight touch of sage gives this room an overwhelmingly ocean feel.

10. Holidays on sage

Accent your home in the holidays with sage-colored décor such as this assortment of wreaths. It ties in well with the sage-grey couch. This is the perfect holiday decorating option for those who aren’t into bright colors and twinkling lights.

11. Throw pillow accents

You can add sage to any room by dressing seating areas with sage green throw pillows. Even a plain one such as this will do the effect, sometimes even better than ones that are ornate.

12. Accent lighting

Candles are always a nice touch to any living space. They add warmth and a sense of serenity. Sage green candles are a nice way to add a subtle color into any room. Combine candles with a small floral arrangement and you should be done.

13. Subtle sitting room

You can probably sit on this chair all day. With a good book at hand and the light shining through the French doors, you’ll feel like you’re at a retreat with these light sage walls. It’s the perfect color to bring in the light from the outside.

14. Indoor garden

Expand the color of sage green in your home by bringing greens in from the outdoors. The green on green works, especially when you have small accent pieces such as this light tapestry on the wall.

15. Sage workspace

Nothing else will inspire you to work better than by being surrounded by the colors of the outdoors. The sage green wall of this office space will help you relax and focus on your tasks at hand.

16. Modern bathroom

Sage is a great color for modern bathrooms that incorporate minimalism. It expands any space because of the way it draws light in and keeps it afloat. The light sage on this bathroom gives it a modern and clean touch.

17. Contrasting library

The sage provides an excellent background color for all other colors in this room to pop off from. The books are accented as well as the gallery of portraits on the wall. Perhaps the best contrast in this room is the read seating area against the sage walls. It’s quite bold and appealing.

18. Sage and pink

This is a typical color combination, and it proves that even in small amounts the combination can be nice. Here we see a sage wall that’s adorned by slight touches of light pink. It’s enough to make a contrast while being completely subtle.

19. Dining in sage

There’s a rustic feel to this sage dining room. The country chic décor goes well against the light sage wall that’s only adorned with a mirror and a couple of sconces.

20. Country trimmings

The sage green in this room can be seen in the trimmings—doorway arches, trays, and even on the patina of the bench. It just adds a little more personality to what otherwise would be just a plain room.

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