20 Photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s $20 Million Dream Home

Way back in the summer of 2014, Kanye and Kim Kardashian West paid $20 million for a magnificent home sitting on 3.5 acres in Hidden Hills, an exclusive, gated community that many celebrities call home. Referred to as a “French Country piece de resistance,” the 15,667 sq. ft. home had been built 2 years earlier and featured 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a huge kitchen, multiple sitting rooms/ living rooms, and way too many little extras to list.

Despite being move-in ready, Kim and Kanye decided to completely renovate the property before moving in. Now, three years and an estimated $10 million later, the couple, along with North and Saint, are FINALLY moving in. Rumor has it that there was plenty of conflict between the couple during the renovation process, primarily due to Kanye’s constant need to change the couple’s plans. To give you an idea of the scale of the renovations, here’s a photo taken during the renovation process.

Now, although the home’s interior is described as “super modern and minimalist,”it still manages to include a 2-story playroom, basketball court and gigantic gym, a music studio, suede game room, a full spa with a massage and facial room, and a hair salon.To ensure they had plenty of room for all the additions, they purchased the next door neighbor’s house, which they planned to tear down, along with their 1.5 acre lot for $2.9 million in December 2014.

Unfortunately, the couple has yet to release any photos from after the renovation, but there are plenty of before shots available. To give you an idea of what Kim and Kanye’s home looks like, here are 20 photos of their $20 million dream home. There’s no information available on the property’s current value.

1. A View from Overhead

Looking at this photo, it is easy to see why the press often refers to Kim and Kanye’s home as “the mini Versailles of Los Angeles” or “the crown jewel of Hidden Hills.” It definitely has that French chateau look, as well as plenty of green space for North and Saint, along with their cousins and soon-to-be sibling, to run around on. There is also the huge circular driveway, which is great place for the kids to ride their bikes and drive their Power Wheels Hummers and Mercedes, as well as an amazing outdoor living space, pool with fountain, and two vineyards. (One can be seen in the lower left of the photo.)

2. From the Front

This photo gives you a good look at the mansion’s stately appearance once you enter the front gates. Take notice of the classy stone façade. By the way, Lisa Marie Presley previously owned the property. There are conflicting reports as to whether she lived in this house or if the house Lisa Marie lived in was torn down and replaced with this one.

3. The West Winery

Over the last few years there have been plenty of rumors that the couple plan to rehab the winery pictured above. According to an US Magazine source, “They consulted experts to get it operable again.” The source went on to say that Kanye joked about “having a Yeezus wine.” According to the very chatty source, the couple has no intention of selling the wine. They simply “want to make their own wine at home.”

4. The Back Deck

If you thought the mansion was gorgeous from the front, the back is going to blow your mind. On the left, you have a beautiful backyard fireplace, along with a couple of comfy couches for relaxing by the fire and listening to the bubbling fountain behind you. Just a few steps from the deck is one of the home’s pools, which has water features North and Saint are sure to love. And, to make sure you can see it all, there is plenty of subtle lighting that primarily focuses on the maturing trees.

5. The Pool as it Was

While this amazing pool was originally on the property, it may not be there any longer. According to a variety of reports, Kanye had the pool removed in order to replace it with a manmade pond/small lake for swimming. When the project is completed, it will be fully filtered and is expected to be at least five times larger than other Hidden Hills’s backyard oasis.

6. The Foyer

Keeping with Kim and Kanye’s desire for a minimalist design, the foyer is devoid of anything more than the side table that provides the perfect spot for fresh flowers, a small photo, a chandelier, and a sconce going up the grand spiral staircase. It looks like the wall along the staircase is made of stone, though the other parts of the wall appear to be drywalled and possibly covered in a textured wallpaper. Whether it is real or faux stone, the foyer is still beautiful.

7. A Huge Kitchen

Kim and Kanye’s kitchen is nothing short of a chef’s dream kitchen. It is absolutely huge and obviously features the latest and greatest appliances, fixtures, countertops, and cabinets. The kitchen’s design keeps with the home’s French country style. It has the style’s favored pale, soft wall color, along with the rustic lighting fixture, decorative hood, exposed ceiling beams, and what appears to be a farmhouse sink. French country kitchens often include an island to provide extra room for prep and to act as a space for bringing people together. Kim and Kanye’s kitchen has three total!

8. Another Glance at the Kitchen

This photo provides a better look at the couple’s state-of-the-art, stainless steel oven. It is hard to tell, but it looks like it functions as both a stove and grill, like you would find in most restaurants. On the left side of the stove, there appears to be a wall-mounted spigot that is used to fill pots with water. This used to be standard in French kitchens, but is much rarer today. Anytime Kim is in the mood, she certainly has the kitchen to do it in.

9. Dining Room

Looking at Kim and Kanye’s dining room, it is pretty safe to assume that this is not where North, Saint, and the new baby will be eating. After all, kids and all that white, especially the white fabric covering the chairs and the light rug, do not mix. It’s certainly an elegant room, thanks to the fabulous chandelier and tray ceiling, as well as the small wine closet on the left. Take a close look at the hinges on the window. It looks like these windows are hinged, allowing each individual window to be completely opened up.

11. A Living Room Right off the Kitchen

Although it was impossible to tell in the previous photos, the home has an open floorplan that combines the kitchen and a living room into one huge space. It’s interesting how the ceilings change. Just like the dining room, this room does not appear to be all that kid friendly, based on the light furniture and glass coffee table. However, based on what you are about to see, this is the one the kids would fit in best.

12. The Living Room, From a Different Angle

This photo gives you the chance to see the various elements of the living room that were missing in the last picture. In particular, the wood-burning fireplace, intricate mantle, and the flat screen TV hanging above them. This accent wall, similar to the one in the foyer, appears to be either made of stone or be covered with a very high-quality faux stone wallpaper. And, you can’t miss the two built-ins on both sides of the fireplace that match the color and style of the kitchen cabinets.

13. Another Living Room

With so much square footage, you can rest assured that this house has multiple living rooms to choose from. This one seems a tad bit larger and grander than the last one. The wood ceiling beams continue through here, as does the use of blacks, whites, and creams, and the hanging of beautiful lighting fixtures. In here, it is a metal and crystal orb chandelier. In the left corner, you can see a white grand piano and there’s also the wood-burning fireplace with the ornate mantle. Overall, it’s an elegant living room that North and Saint probably won’t get to play in.

14. Kim’s Closet

While there is nothing wrong with this closet, Kim, herself, told E! News that, “We have to re-do my closet.” This was back in 2016, so what does the newly finished closet look like today? So far, Kim hasn’t released any photos, but rumor has it that the closet was simply expanded to the size of the master bedroom. If that’s the case, they most likely added even more shelves, drawers, and racks. Thanks to the glass doors, Kim take a good look at what she has to choose from before even opening the door. The size of the island, which looks to be for jewelry, seems to be a bit small, so there is a good chance she either had it expanded or replaced it all together. One article from an unreliable source reports that she actually has four closets in the house, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, based on countless other reports.

15. Kanye’s Closet

The dark wood in Kanye’s closet gives it a more masculine vibe, which is probably what Kanye wanted. However, he also decided that the closet wasn’t quite large enough to hold all his clothes and shoes. According to a form filed by a building inspector, his closet was also extended to the size of the master bedroom.

16. A Spa-Like Bathroom Escape

It only makes sense that Kim and Kanye would have a master bathroom that rivaled some of the world’s greatest spas. In keeping with the theme of the house, there is definitely a French country look to the bathroom. This is largely due to the freestanding tub with exposed pipes for a vintage feel, as well as the French provincial bathroom vanity and separate makeup vanity. The room also has a few contemporary touches, such as the skylights, mirrors framed in silver, and crystal chandelier. The two styles have been perfectly combined to create a gorgeous master bathroom.

17. A Second Glimpse at the Bathroom and the His/ Her Showers

By now you should know that it usually takes at least two photos to get a good look at one room in Kim and Kanye’s house. It is really hard to tell if this part of the bathroom is connected to the other or if it stands alone, based on the different flooring and cabinetry. Either way, it is a great bathroom with huge side-by-side steam showers, as well as a small TV just in case either wants to catch up with the latest news while they shower and a small built-in couch for lounging. Again, there are two vanities because no one wants to share. The bathroom also has a chandelier with a shade, which hasn’t been seen in other parts of the house, as well as sconces on the either side of the vanities. How much do you want to bet that those tile floors are heated?

18. The Bedroom as it Was

While this bedroom is gorgeous, it is highly unlikely that it still looks like this. After all, both Kim and Kanye had their closets expanded, which probably required taking some space from here and shifting the bedroom over. Of course, we can still get master bedroom envy from this room, which features vaulted ceilings with wood beams, a huge window seat, and a headboard that has likely been upholstered in very expensive fabric. The only thing that doesn’t fit the room are the two pictures hanging above the nightstands. Don’t they seem like something you’d see in a generic hotel room? (With that being said, they were probably very expensive.

19. A Dream Library

Although neither Kim or Kanye has ever really expressed any interest in reading, they have the perfect library for it. Unlike most of the rest of the house, it doesn’t really have a French country vibe. Instead, it appears to have been styled after an old English library, with the dark wood walls and shelves, as well as the fireplace. The room really does have an authentic library ambiance and the recessed lighting provides just enough the right amount of light.

20. A Hallway Straight Out of a Five Star Resort

Doesn’t this hallway have a five star resort vibe to it? First, you have all those huge windows that make it easy to see outside, as well as the ornamental transom windows above them that add another decorative element. Then, there are the multiple lantern chandeliers, which is another decorative aspect often seen in French country homes, along with curved console table at the end of the hallway. However, what really stands out is the high ceilings with arches and columns extending down the wall.

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