20 Beautiful Moss Wall Ideas for the Home

Are you a lover of nature and love the thought of bringing the outdoors into your home? There are many ways of taking the beautiful views and elements of nature and using them in your home as a way to decorate and accent spaces in your home. One of the most unique ways to accomplish a very natural and earthy look to a room in your home is to create a moss wall that will give your room the benefits of bringing the luscious look of a beautiful natural plant, but it creates stunning piece of artwork that is sure to be the focal point that will have everyone talking. Moss walls are a piece of gorgeous scenery for any room in your home. They’re tranquil, energizing, and can be designed in a wide variety of ways to suit the space you want to have one installed. Moss walls may seem complicated to maintain, but in all actuality, they’re easy to care for. So if you’re looking for a unique idea for a room that could use an uplifting design, consider a moss wall to add beautiful texture and a eye-catching scenery that you can enjoy every time you’re in the room. Here’s more on moss walls, and tips for creating one in the room of your choice in your home.

Choose from three types of moss to create your wall

When it comes to choosing moss for your wall, you’ll want to choose from three types of moss which are, preserved moss, living, or you can do a combination of the two. The differences in them are basically between two; the preserved and the living. Preserved moss is the easiest to maintain when creating a moss wall. It’s not alive so will of course, not need the care and maintenance that living moss will in order to keep it looking fresh and lush. Living moss can be a beautiful way to go if you have the time and dedication to keeping up with the maintenance like you would with any other living plant in your home, but there may be some added steps in maintaining it since it is not just growing in a more usual place. On the other hand, to get a little of both, a mixture of preserved moss and living moss can give you a nice balance of the two.

Choose your room and wall

Creating a moss wall can be a fun and exciting process. Start by choosing the room you want to have your moss wall. Bathrooms are ideal for live moss walls for the fact that the moss will love to soak up the steamy atmosphere of the room and easily keep it looking fresh and lively, but other rooms can also be great rooms for a moss wall to liven up the space and make it come alive with greenery. Once you choose your room, choose the wall you want to display the natural beauty of moss. You may want to create an entire wall of moss, or you may want to keep the moss on a smaller scale by designing a framed moss display on a portion of the wall. The size of your room and wall may influence how large of an area you want to cover with moss.

Mix and match varieties of moss

You can create a spectacular moss wall with the use of a variety of moss types to add more visual texture to your moss wall design. Different varieties can add a more unique look to your moss wall. You may choose different moss types, or add a variety of other similar plants to give your moss wall a picturesque and artistic appeal. Doing some research on plant varieties to mix with moss can be helpful in creating the perfect moss wall in your home.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to have a natural green thumb to have beautiful greenery in your home if you decide to go with a moss wall. They’re perfect for creating a naturally beautiful view, especially for those homes and rooms that lack one. If you are captivated with the thought of creating a luscious moss wall in your home, then keep scrolling to take a look at 20 beautiful moss wall ideas for your home and start the process of designing your own moss wall.

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