The Five Best Interior Design Apps of 2019

The number of home interior design apps on the market is almost mind boggling. Some of them are offered for a fee and others are free for you to download and use as much as you like. We’ve looked through the most highly recommended apps to find the most useful and best that can be downloaded onto a mobile device for Android and iOS. We were picky and went for the apps that are the easiest to use yet offer the most versatile design features and here are the five that we’ve chosen as the best picks for 2019.

1. HomeStyler

HomeStyler is an interior design app that also gives you a ton of decorating ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. It’s a home decor app that has been specially optimized for use with an iphone. It’s very easy to use and all that you need to do is take a few snapshots of the rooms that you’re interested in re-doing and load them into the system. The app allows you to see how a variety of different fixtures, furniture and other items would look together in the room and it presents them in 3D formats. it gives you an idea of what it will actually look like so you can make any adjustments before you make any purchases you might later regret. In addition to seeing how your decorating ideas will translate into reality, you can also share your creations with others. The app is compatible with iOS and Android systems.

2. Color Snap Visualizer for iPhone

This is another room design app that you can download and use for free. It’s compatible with Android and iOS and it’s put out by Sherman-Williams, the paint specialists. This app is very easy to use. Just take a photo of the room and then you can experiment with any color combination that you want to find the ideal color for walls and accessories. This system analyzes the colors on the photo that you take and it can give you a perfect match if you need to buy more paint for touch ups. This takes the guss work out of matching the colors.

3. MagicPlan

MagicPlan is one of the most highly recommended apps for creating home plans for redecorating. It’s made specially for ipad. The app is not hard to use and it’s very useful for performing calculations that give you accurate measurements. This can help prevent buying a piece of furniture that simply won’t fit in through the front door. You just upload photos of the room and include a few different angles of the room, then the app will do the rest for you. It’s an excellent app for figuring out distances within a space. The program analyzes the photos and provides you with the accurate information that you need.

4. Home Design 3D

This is another home design app that is free to download to your phone. It’s an architectural app that helps in bringing in floor plans that will change the space of a room. The program works in 2D and 3 modes for creating your dream room or even your dream home in an existing space. You can save the information and share it with contractors or other collaborators on your next home project.

5. Curate – Virtual Interior Design App for iOS and Android

Curate is an interior design app that you can download for free for your iphone. This app lets you focus on pieces of artwork and how they will look when they’re placed in your home. It’s a great way to find the best decor elements to add to the interior of your home. Simply download photographs of the room and then you can insert any piece of art or other decor item onto a blank wall. Another useful feature of this app is that it allows you to find a variety of art pieces from galleries and famous artists. It helps you to design a room an entire wall at a time so you will get a sense of how various artwork will fit in together. Find out if a piece is complementary to what you already have going before you make the expenditure.

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