What the KonMari Method is and How to Use It

We’re sure that many of you have already heard about the sensation that is Marie Kondo, not just from her book, but from her now widely popular Netflix series that just aired. The sensation surrounds the art of decluttering in its truest form, and for someone that personally loves to declutter all of the unnecessary and annoying clutter here and there, Marie Kondo is our spirit animal. Although the Netflix series is a major hit, many are wondering what exactly the KonMari Method is, and how it can help you in your life. Lucky for you, we are here to break down the KonMari Method inside and out, and allow you to decide whether it is the right option for decluttering for your personality.

1. The Focus Is Discarding

This may sound scary to some, especially those that are holders of the sentimental items. But don’t worry! The method itself centers around the idea of keeping the items and possessions that truly bring you joy. Marie Kondo says to begin with clothing, no matter who you are. You take all of the clothing items that you have out of closets, drawers, the works; Hold each piece individually and ask yourself whether this item brings you joy. If not, it’s got to go. Depending on your answers for the articles of clothing and other possessions, you will ask yourself a series of questions that will tell you whether it is time to throw it out, keep it, or find a new place for it.

The key to this idea of decluttering is the mindset. By asking yourself what items bring joy to the point of wanting to keep it, it allows you to discard the items that don’t have as much value as once believed to have had. This, in turn, makes tidying and keeping your home or office organized so much easier, and not as daunting for those that have a difficult time.

2. How To Make The Method Work For You

As we mentioned before, the key to making the KonMari method work for you is to allow your mindset to change during the process as well. It is essentially about finding the true value in our possessions, and deciding from there what stays and what goes. However, along with this thought process, there are also other factors that help to make everything go a bit more smoothly and more effectively. Kondo suggests that the process always begins by going through your wardrobe. This is then followed by papers and books, miscellaneous items, and lastly, mementos. It might be startling at first, as you see your collections of papers, books, photos, and other items shrink significantly, but the results at the end are totally worth it.

Marie Kondo also has some other tips that help to make the process of decluttering easier for you and for others around you as well. This includes privacy, meaning that you go through all of your items on your own time, when no other friends or family are around, allowing you to fully focus on the task at hand. She also warns not to go through other people’s possessions without their permission. This is a process that has to help each individual understand the mindset of decluttering and value; If you do the work for them, there is no real benefit.

Decluttering can seem like a daunting and horrifying experience for some. Having to go through and decide which items have the most value and which items can be parted with seems impossible. Luckily for everyone, Marie Kondo has officially saved the day, and the best place to start with the KonMari method is with with her book, and now Netflix series. Actually seeing the method work in action is awe inspiring, and will get you motivated to try it out for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Your closet is calling, and the KonMari method is ready to help you get your life in order one piece at a time.

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