10 Ways to Make Your “Apartment for Rent” Ad More Appealing

An Ad is designed to capture someone’s attention and entice them to inquire about whatever it is your selling or needing. When it comes to placing an Ad for an apartment you have for rent, you want the Ad to be as eye-catching and appealing as possible to draw-in an interested, possible renter. No one wants their property to sit idle when they could be collecting rent on the property and making money. If you aren’t sure how to write up an appealing Ad that offers your apartment for rent, then keep reading because there are some tips that can help you construct the perfect Ad and make it more appealing to apartment seekers. Here are 10 ways to make your “Apartment for Rent” Ad more appealing and start getting callbacks about your Ad.

1. When is it available?

“When can I move in?” That is definitely a question at the top of anyone’s mind who’s looking to rent an apartment. If they’re looking for a place to live, then they more than likely have to be moved out of someplace, and need to get into their new place by a certain date. Make sure you have the date that your apartment is available for move-in at the beginning of your Ad so that the apartment hunter will know immediately if yours is even a prospect for them with their timeline. If it isn’t, they would probably like to go ahead and move on to other apartment rental Ads.

2. Research for comparisons

It’s always a good idea to find out what the competition is like in your surrounding area so you can see if what you’re asking is fair, or if others have more to offer but with a better price. You can use what they have or don’t have as selling points for yours, for instance, if you see that the apartments down the street do not have tennis courts or a swimming pool, be sure to point this out. If yours has a gym, walking trails, or a clubhouse with pool tables, etc., let your possible renters know that your apartment offers these features as opposed to the other competition.

3. Create a eye-catching title

In order to get your readers to stop dead in their tracks and read your Ad all the way through, you have to stop them with a catchy title that entices them. The very first line should contain the words that help to make your apartment stand out above the others, right from the start and not something that they pass by and keep skimming other Ads. An idea is to say something along the lines as, “Rent me now!” Or, “Move-in ready!” If you’re offering a special, you can use this tactic with a line like, “First month free!” You get the idea. Once you’ve got your catchy line, go into your apartment’s details. List the square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, is it a single family place, what neighborhood it can be found in, and all the best features it has to offer. Does it have an eat-in kitchen? Maybe it has a large walk-in closet in the master bedroom, or a beautiful bay window in the living room. Boast about the apartment without getting too wordy.

4. Add quality pictures

When you run an Ad in the local paper, you won’t be able to submit pictures, but any other advertisements, like online sites, magazines and bulletin boards do accommodate photos and you should take advantage of it. Get clear pictures of the best rooms and features of the apartment to post. You want to put the apartment in its best light, so highlight all its positive points in pictures, keeping in mind that color photos are the best way to showcase it in a more appealing way.

5. List any location benefits

Most apartment seekers are looking for an apartment in a specific area for a reason. Maybe it’s close to their work, their children’s school, family, or another reason. But they may not be completely familiar with what is all around them at that location, so entice them with all of the benefits your location has to offer. Maybe your apartment is close to a main vein highway that will be a major convenience for them. Is there a nice shopping mall close by, good schools, parks or other entertainment? List all that your area has to offer a renter. This will help to make the potential renter see that living in your apartment could really be great for their everyday life with all they will have access to.

6. Include the rent and security deposit amounts and utilities

Most renters are going to be very concerned with the cost of the rental. They will want to know what they will be responsible for, for rent, security deposits, pet deposits, will they owe the first and last month’s rent upfront? If you plan to be a bit flexible on any of the fees or monthly rent, you can give a roundabout figure and go over details with each individual as they contact you.

7. Specify your policy on pets

We’re a pet-friendly people, and many people own some type of pet or another. Be upfront as to whether you allow pets, and if you only plan to allow for certain pets, be specific. Some places allow dogs, but have a weight range for the pet, which should be specified. If your renter will have to pay a pet deposit to have one in your apartment, be sure to disclose the amount, and if any or all is refunded at the end of the lease.

8. List all amenities

Many apartments try to make a comfortable living arrangement with their apartments so it’s important to let your potential renters know what they can look forward to having available to them if they rent your apartment. Does your apartment offer a laundry mat on the grounds, or does it come with a washer and dryer hookup in the apartment. Perhaps there is already a washer and dryer installed for them, which many people love. If your apartment is loaded with lots of large windows for added light, briefly mention this. Is the kitchen decked out in upgraded stainless steel appliances, and does the master bath have a garden tub plus a separate walk-in shower? Maybe your apartment boasts gorgeous hardwoods throughout, or has ceiling fans in all the rooms. These are things you will want to reveal to entice your apartment hunter.

9. School zones are important to parents

Parents are very interested in which school their children will be zoned to when they move, and many move to specific areas for the specific reason they will be able to attend a certain school. Be sure to include the names of the different schools they will be zoned for, from elementary, middle, and high school.

10. Advise of background checks

It’s important that you should run background checks on your potential renters, for your safety and the safety of the other tenants. And of course, doing a credit check is a good way to learn if the renter is credible and a good financial candidate, or if you should take heed and not risk renting to them. Let your seekers know if you plan to conduct a background or credit check on all possible renters. Making it clear that it is for all potential renters, this gives you protection from being accused of discrimination, and it could help keep unwanted renters from inquiring any further into the apartment.

When putting your Ad together, you want it to be as short, sweet, and to the point as possible, so try not to get too wordy. Plus many magazines and other media outlets can charge by the word, so the longer it is, the more it will cost. This may sound pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how many people put their Ad together and then forget one critical bit of information – their contact info. At the end of your Ad, be sure to list how seekers can reach you, whether it be by your email address, reach you by phone, or send a message via your website, list all forms of contact along with the name of the person they should ask for to get more details.

When your Ad is complete, read and re-read it to be sure it is grammatically correct and you don’t have bits of info that are redundant. repetitive information can be annoying for seekers to read and may give up reading and move on to the next Ad. Give your Ad one final look-over and submit it to all your advertisement contacts and wait for the calls to flow in.

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