Five Brands That are a Great Alternative to IKEA

IKEA is one of the top brands you can get an assortment of home furnishings and accessories from, and they also happen to be among the most popular choices for people looking for modern style in their home décor. So why would anyone want to look for an alternative to IKEA? Actually, there are a couple of practical reasons.

The first is that the shopping world has turned into one of specialization, so there is a lot of competition out there that will specifically have what the shopper is looking for. Whether it is online or a local brick and mortar store, serious home decorators will want to take the time to see what is available, and at what price, before maybe heading back to IKEA.

The second reason is close to the first. When friends and family come to visit, people will hear, “I have one of those too. Did you get it from IKEA?” For more than a few of us, that is the last thing we want to hear about the effort we put into decorating our home. The old saying is, familiarity breeds contempt. The question is who is being contemptuous. Maybe IKEA doesn’t have to be abandoned completely, but knowing what choices are available can make a big difference in creating a unique home.

1. A+B

This is one of those “high-low” alternatives because while you can get the jitters from their current home page offering of a Five Pouf XL for a trendy $2,340, there are a ton of items you can get for much lower prices with the modern style designs. But it is a great alternative because of its two tier prices and selection. If you are like me, there are some things in the home that you can settle for so-so quality on, and then there are a select few others that must have the quality and style you demand. For those of us who have such an approach to home design, A+B is what you need.

2. APT2B

We’re not sure if the “2B” part of the name is intended to be Shakespearean, but this IKEA option is for people who are particular about their craftsmanship and quality. They are affordable and modern, but also affordable and retro. Whether you are looking for furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room, or home office you are likely to find something to your liking. The company prides itself on being almost fanatical about the styles and designs they offer, so you are very likely to bust out of the sameness of the IKEA offerings. Think accessories.

3. CB2

This should be one of the more familiar stores to you because CB2 is short for Crate and Barrel 2. It has been called “Crate & Barrel’s more affordable little brother” and you can expect that while the prices are lower, the quality will still be there. The suggested shopping targets are the lighting, rug, accessory, and dining/kitchen categories. One nice feature about their website is that you can view the entire design of a living room, kitchen, etc. and they will have the pieces necessary to get you the look you want. Now that can get a bit pricey, even at CB2, but you have the advantage of being able to see what an entire room will look like.

4. Blu Dot

This choice is similar to A+B with their “high-low” price options. But Blu Dot is more about style, and if you are looking for quality furniture and accessories you have a lot to choose from. It is highly recommended you check out the Outlet menu option at the top of the page to find some solid deals on quality home additions. One check saw discounts as high as 50 percent, and it wasn’t for things that would embarrass a junk yard dealer.

5. Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Company

This is a store that can be overlooked because it is generally known for the more traditional, vintage style lighting designs. But that is not the whole story to Schoolhouse Electric. There are some modern selections that will work well with furniture and accessories you get from other stores, so it doesn’t look like a hodgepodge of things you just threw together. In fact, with a little imagination and some creativity, you can make most rooms in your house statement rooms. And that is a very modern idea.

There are definitely more alternative stores to IKEA, but this sample shows you what is out there and available. Taking the time to check out the alternatives should not take you much time, but does have the potential to save you money and avoid the popular sameness of other homes. You might not want to totally avoid IKEA, but escaping the trappings of affordability and convenience is something you also should not totally avoid.

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