How to Tie Curtains That are Too Long

Long Curtains

Have you ever bought a set of curtains that look beautiful on your windows, except for being too long? It’s a common problem that can leave you wondering if you should order a new set or hem them manually. The truth is that you don’t have to take the time to shorter them nor do you need to send them back for a shorter size. Some people purposely purchase long curtains to take advantage of the additional material to create fashionable new looks for their window treatments. Long curtains allow you to create some amazing looks for your windows with a little bit of ingenuity and a little patience. Here are some tips about how to tie curtains that are too long to make them look fabulous in your home.

Don’t cut the curtains. Instead, tie the curtains

Hunker offers a few solutions that tell you how to make curtains that are too long for the windows look attractive without cutting them. The trick is to make folds in the fabric that shorten the length by using the material creatively.

Tie back and blouse the fabric

It’s not difficult to shorten the length of long curtains by using tiebacks to blouse the material and pull it up off the floor. You can accomplish this unique style by mounting a tieback to the wall behind each curtain panel rather than beside them. Pull the drapery fabric up all around the tie and neatly blouse it until the bottom edges of the curtain are at the most attractive length. You can create an elegant look by changing the positioning of the mounting of the tiebacks and securing the fabric to create graceful and flowing blouse effects. Keep both sides even.

Working with fixed panels

for fixed panels, you can drape clear monofilament over the rod. Center them directly above each curtain panel. Dangle the ends to the height of the tieback. Wrap one end around the curtain panel. Pull the fabric upward to the best height. Tie the ends of the string together to secure the styling. Invisible monofilament string provides you with many ways to create unique styles by looping it under the panels and drawing them up for a graceful loop with ends that hang at the ideal length for the window size.

Tier Up with fusible tape

Some curtain fabrics work well with fusible tape and iron-on fabric adhesives. It lets you create unique styles with moderately heavy fabrics that tolerate the heat of the iron. Create a shabby-chic style by tucking or folding the material horizontally at one-foot increments. Gather the material to form poufs from the header to the hemline. Secure the folds in areas you can hide with the curtain material with iron-on fabric adhesive or fusible tape.

Gentle cascades

You can use the traditional method of side ties with long curtains, creating a gentle cascade with sheer or thin curtains that drape well. Gather the material of each curtain panel to create a loop. Start from the top to the middle of the window. Tie the curtain back and pull the fabric through to create a blouse effect that shortens the center portion of the hem edge. It also allows the fabric to hang toward the wall side in progressively longer folds to create another lovely style.

Create a bottom pouf style with buttons

It’s easy to sew buttons into the fabric to create a unique bottom edge that features a pouf style. Sew decorative buttons that match the room decor into the curtain fabric. Place them a foot or so above the bottom of the hem. Cut small slits at the appropriate places on the lower hem to accommodate the buttons for fastening. Bring the material upward in a style that creates poufs in the fabric. Fasten the fabric to the buttons, and you’ve shortened the curtains with a decorative lower edge.

Tie your curtains back with curtain clips

Krostradde recommends using curtain clips as ways to tie curtains that are too long. Place the curtain on the table, fold the upper part to the ideal length, and use the clip to secure the folds in the fabric. Make sure that the intervals are even. Hang the curtains to see how they look. If you need to adjust the length, you can move the clips if you don’t like the look. Continue making tiny adjustments until you have a style that is pleasing to the eyes.

Tie curtains with hair ribbons and rubber bands

You can use hair ribbons or rubber bands to tie long curtains and make them shorter. It’s similar to creating a ponytail in the hair. Place the rubber band or hair ribbon in the center of the curtain panel and secure. Pull the fabric in the middle and pull it outward to draw the material upward, creating a sagging effect that shortens the length while creating interesting folds in the fabric and a ballooning effect at the center of the ties.

Knot the curtain panels

Another way to tie curtain panels to shorten them is to tie them in a knot. Knotting curtains can create lovely styles that shorten curtains that are too long while making a fashion statement. Use two curtain panels and intertwine them twice. go through the process of tying a know like you would for a necktie. Allow the fabric to hang down beneath the knot for another attractive window treatment.

Create a fake valence

Home Guides suggests using long curtains to create a faux valence at the top of the curtain rod. It’s accomplished by folding the top of the curtain into a pleat that folds toward the front. It creates a valence effect. Attach the curtain to the rod with the valence in place, securing it with clips and rings. You can create an interesting top window treatment while shortening the overall length of the curtains to the desired measurements.

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