Cocoon9: A New Concept in Prefab Homes from Entrepreneur Christopher Burch

Prefab tiny homes are at an all-time high in popularity today. The homes are being scarfed up by minimalists everywhere due to all the benefits they provide for people everywhere, looking to minimize their lifestyle and downsize their homes. One company has designed and introduced three separate models that are known as Cocoon9. Their three designs offer features that make it easy for someone to purchase a model to be used for a variety of reasons, including home living, extra office space, a playhouse for kids, your own personal arts and crafts space, a pool house, even a guest house. There’s really no end to the ideas you can use a Cocoon9 prefab home for, and they are so up-and-coming, that even Ellen DeGeneres featured the on one of her own shows. If you have seen these prefab homes being advertised and talked about lately, here’s a chance to learn more about them.

Fully assembled, high quality construction, all finishes are high end, and there is plenty of smart technology throughout each prefab home. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, these are designed with all the top-of-the-line energy efficiency innovations available, and you can get one delivered to your site of choice in only four months.

About the Models

Three models to choice from give you plenty of options to get the perfect size and features available for your needs. Here are the current types of Cocoon9 models and their dimensions:

  • C9 Cabin – This is a 12′ x 40′ cocoon that boasts 480 sq. ft. of living space and starts at $225,000
  • C9 Studio – This is a 12′ x 40′ cocoon that gives you 480 sq. ft. of space and starts at $225,000
  • The Cocoon Lite – The Lite measures 20 8′ x 20′ and gives you 160 sq. ft. of space, the smallest of the three, and starts at $75,000

Cocoon 9 Cabin (C9 Cabin)

The C9 comes is designed with a bedroom/office space, bathroom, living/entertainment area, and kitchenette. The living space is open and airy, with plenty of windows to allow for loads of natural light, which helps to give the look and feel of even more space. A shelving unit on the far wall allows for you to stay organized with books, display art and decor pieces, as well as hang a flat screen TV. You will find the space ample for setting a small sofa, chair and table small coffee table. Clean, neat lines make these cocoons feel modern and sleek, and the openness of the space helps to keep the space neat and tidy and clutter-free. Take a look at the C9 Cabin model.

Cocoon 9 Studio (C9 Studio)

This 480 square foot open-floor plan has a lot of features that make living a minimalist lifestyle easy, breezy. The studio is designed to give you optimum space by keeping your main living features hidden and out of sight and mind until needed. The elements of living that are hidden away and embedded in casework until you have use for them include the sleeping quarters, cooking features, even the entertainment features are out of sight until you want to break them out. This idea makes the space open, airy, and it flows from one main area of the cocoon to the other. Certain features are standard with the C9 Studio, but you can add other is you choose. Some of the add-ons include, a swiveling TV for multiple room viewing, smart-glass shower that can transition from a clear panel to opaque for privacy, and an app-controlled entertainment system. There are also options for customizing features, such as the flooring, the casework, tile and fixtures. Take a closer look on the inside to see more.

Cocoon Lite 20

The Cocoon Lite 20 is the smallest of the cocoons, but it still exhibits some of the most innovative features and was designed to be very versatile to give its inhabitants lots of options for them to get the most value, all while cashing in on flexibility. The way the interior of the Cocoon Lite 20 is laid out, it gives you lots of open space despite the smaller square footage space compared to the other models. For those who want to create a complete sustainable living space, the units are accommodated with solar panels and roof gardens. Take a peek inside to see all that the Cocoon Lite 20 has to offer to offer those who want a minimalist lifestyle.

No matter what you are looking for or need in a small living space, Cocoon 9 makes a home for your needs. One of the best features of any of the Cocoon 9 siblings is their mobility. If you want to change locations, your cocoon can go with you. No more house hunting or starting over. You get to keep all your comfortable features that you’ve grown accustomed to. With a cocoon 9, you’ll find that you really don’t have to give up the features of a home that matter most.

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