20 Stunning Examples of Modern Cabins

Modern Cabin

When you think of a log home, you probably envision a warm, welcoming, rustic, and very cozy home. There’s something about the warmth of wood all around you that can’t compare to any other type of living. Log cabins are the epitome of a casual lifestyle with natural elements surrounding you, from outside, in.

A big stone fireplace and rustic style mantel, hardwood floors, and wooden ceiling beams are all things you might expect in any style of a log cabin, and most probably offer. But today’s log cabins have come a long way from the basic little log cabins that were often found hidden in the corners of the woods that hunters or loners would retreat to. Today, you can get the best of both, classic cabin living, paired with the beauty and comforts of modernism.

Modern log cabins are becoming one of the most popular styles of homes, especially in certain areas of the country. And they are spectacular in every way imaginable.

Design elements of a modern log cabin

A commonality between original styled log cabins and modern log cabins of today, is the basic element of wood. On Log Home, modern log cabins are described as exhibiting clean lines throughout the home.

They are built with open floor plans that allow for an abundance of natural light to flow throughout the home, which is quite opposite of the older, more basic log cabins which were often known to have more divided living spaces, and not quite as bright and cheery as the modern version we’re seeing today. And speaking of light, modern homes, in general, love the look of glass, so what would a modern log cabin be without stunning, large glass windows to take your breath away?

You’ll see floor to ceiling windows, and many home designs even feature entire walls of glass windows for unobstructed views. Another modern element for these beautiful cabins is the difference in the roof pitch. You” find that most modern cabins sport a flat or shallow-pitched roof, helping to give it a more modern appeal. Now take a step inside and what you’ll find is the decor follows the traditional look of any modern home; the simple, clean and straightforward approach to decorating.

Best types of wood for your modern log cabin

Log cabins are some of the most interesting and beautiful styles of homes. Many people dream of living a casual, simple life in a quaint little cabin, but there are differences in the construction of log cabins that might affect your decision run out and purchase one. Log cabins are susceptible to things like moisture issues, and air leaks.

This is because, according to Energy, when the logs are assembled during construction, although they have been air dried, they are still considered to be approximately 15%-20% water. Over years of time, the logs will dry, but they shrink as they dry. With the shrinkage, comes contraction and expansion of the logs, and this ultimately means that gaps develop between them. Of course, gaps allow air to flow in and out of the home, making your home susceptible to losing heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer, and the end result is a higher energy bill.

To help prevent this problem, the logs used for a home should be seasoned for at least six months prior to being used for construction. And the best wood choices for log cabins, that are better for preventing these issues, include:

  • Larch
  • Spruce
  • Cedar
  • Fir
  • Pine

Modern decor in a modern log cabin

Walking into a modern log cabin will instantly make you feel welcomed with its warm, cozy decor elements. You can expect to find raw and unfinished elements throughout, from floor-to-ceiling, and hardware and fixtures. Leather, wood, wrought iron, stone, brick, glass and other metals surround you in every room. You’ll find rustic looks, paired with modern touches to bring comfort and conveniences into the style of homes many of our ancestors may have lived in years ago.

At Next Luxury you can read more on the inside of a modern log cabin, as it is described as having a familiar feeling when you step inside, with the use of both modern ideas mixed with repurposed or antique decor elements  furniture pieces. Comfort is what it’s all about, yet with all the modern details, you’ll almost forget you’re in a log cabin at all.

For more beautiful examples, take a look at these 20 stunning examples of modern cabins.

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