20 Gorgeous A-Frame Cabin Designs

A Frame Cabin

A-frame cabins are quaint, triangular shaped cabins with A-shaped roof lines. They are designed this way for good reason – the harsh winter elements. A-frame cabins were built primarily in areas of heavy snow fall and accumulation. According to Hunker, the steep design of the A-frame roof allows snow to slide off the roof as opposed to collecting on it and causing severe damage, like it would on the more typical roof designs of regular cabins or stick homes.

A-frames also have the added advantage of being able to make use of the upper space. Many people who own an A-frame cabin create a loft area up above, something you couldn’t do with a single story cabin if constructed on the same sized foundation. The quaint style, ease of construction and modest prices for many styles, makes these cabins popular in areas all over the world. They’re perfect for rural living, whether it be a permanent or getaway home, a quaint little lake cabin, and especially mountain ice chalets. Here’s more on A-frame cabin homes.

  • Consider the material you use for your roof – Cabins set in areas where there’s a lot of snowfall or other harsh elements, will fare better with a tin roof. Tin withstands snow and ice and protects it from other outdoor elements better than tar and shingles or other materials. You will not only save on roofing materials, but you’ll save on potential damage repair and general upkeep of your roof as well.
  • Add extra windows where you can – With only two straight walls on an A-frame cabin, consider using those two walls for lots of windows to let all the natural light in that you can. Some cabin owners use at least one of the two straight walls as a wall of windows, especially if you have beautiful views you want to admire from inside your home, plus this gives you optimum natural light, which can make a small cabin look and feel visually larger.
  • Design your A-frame – When designing your A-frame, consider the elements around the cabin to help you plan your cabin’s design. The landscape can be your inspiration, suggests Homedit. For instance, the wood, stone, and earthy colors, like greens and browns, are all elements that can be used in your cabin design. A log cabin style A-frame cabin with a beautiful chimney of stone, topped with a tin roof, just might be your cup of tea.
  • Add a pop of color to spruce it up – If you have a log cabin style A-frame, there may not be much to paint, but you can give your cabin a little pop of color to spruce it up by painting the trim outline of the roof. One way to go is to paint it an earthy green tone to make the trim stand out, yet it blends well with the natural earthy green tones around it.
  • Give it a modern touch – Black has always been a popular color for the modern look. It’s fit for the minimalist lifestyle and it can even work on little A-frame cabins out in the woods or on a lake. Painting your A-frame black gives your cabin a modern look and feel and it especially pairs great with cabins that are loaded with windows. The look of black and glass is a sleek, modern twist and it gives the vintage style of home a contemporary edge.

Inside design ideas

  • Create an accent wall – The inside of an A-frame can be challenging for design ideas. Why not turn a wall into an accent wall that also serves a purpose. For collectors, book-lovers, or just need a place to put your knick-knacks, one way to get use of a wall is to turn a wall into a full wall of shelving. Arrange a large collection of books, art pieces or a mixture of knick-knacks, books, and other decor items on the shelves to make the wall both functional, and a focal point of the room.
  • Skylights and beams – You may not want or need that upper space of the cabin to be used as a loft or other functional space, so find another way to let that vertical space work for you in ways of visual appeal. Use beautiful wooden beams to fill that space and add a few skylights in the roof to give added light from above, according to Cottage Life. Wood beams always create a sense of warmth and coziness, especially in a cabin.
  • Big or small, lofts are great spaces – Lofts can be used for just about anything imaginable, from an extra bedroom, to an office, music room, exercise room, entertainment area, storage, or anything in between. Depending on what your cabin is used for, a permanent home or getaway home, you can create the loft space for what your lifestyle has a need for. If you have no immediate ideas on how to use the space, design the loft in your plans anyways, and decide on how to use the space later. It’s always easier to have it added while under construction than to have to add it as an after-thought.

If you love the look of the A-frame cabin and are looking for some of your own ideas, then take a look at the following 20 gorgeous A-frame cabin designs and get inspired to design your own.

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