$13.95 Million Montana Castle Has Everything Imaginable

For many people, living in a castle is their dream. In Europe, there are thousands of castles dotted around the continent, and many of these were constructed many centuries ago. Some have been converted into residential properties, some are historic attractions, and others are now in ruins. While castles are plentiful in Europe, that is not the case in the United States where castles are a rarity. Those that do exist are relatively new compared to those in Europe, including a new castle that has been built in Montana.

The Area

In recent years, Montana has become increasingly popular among celebrities and wealthy families. They are buying or building luxurious homes to have as either their main residence or as a second home for vacations or weekend breaks. Just some of the celebrities who own properties in Montana include Tom Brokaw, Denis Quaid, Michael Keaton, and Johnny Depp. David Letterman also owns two ranches in the state. This new castle is in a secluded setting, but it is just a stone’s throw from downtown Billings, where there is a good selection of amenities, shops, and restaurants. This means that those who live in the castle can enjoy both privacy and convenience.

The New Montana Castle

Although it is a modern construction, the new Montana castle boasts many of the features that you would expect to find in a traditional castle. These include a turret, a moat, and a drawbridge. Located in Billings, Montana, this new castle combines these traditional features with all the amenities you would need for a modern lifestyle, including amenities for entertainment. This unique property is now on the market for $13.95 million.

Inside the New Montana Castle

According to Top Ten Real Estate Deals, the inside of this property provides 30,833-square-feet of living space, accommodation, and entertainment. Throughout the property, a western-style is combined with the castle vibe, and stone and wood are the two materials that feature predominantly through this expansive. There are several vast living spaces within the property, each of which has its own character and features. The main living space has double-height ceilings and there is a spiral staircase leading to the second and third floors with balconies lining the living area.

Wood is one of the main materials in this room as there is wood paneling covering the vaulted ceiling, wood flooring, and wood furniture. Wrought iron also features in this toom as it is the material used for the candelabras, balcony railings, and the staircase. This castle also features multiple kitchens, so it is an ideal residence for those who enjoy cooking or entertaining guests. The kitchens vary greatly in style. For example, one of the kitchens has a traditional appearance with dark wood units, stone walls, wooden beams, wood flooring, wrought iron fixtures, and marble countertops.

It is a completely different style to another kitchen in the property, which has a contemporary style. This kitchen is light and bright with off-white units, stainless steel appliances, white tiles on the walls, and patterned gray tiles on the floor. This kitchen leads through to a dining room that has a cozy and intimate appearance, despite being large enough to house a big dining table that seats eight people. Candelabras hang above the table, and both the ceiling and the floor are wooden. A feature wall is exposed stone, while the other walls have a neutral color.

In terms of sleeping accommodation, there are 10 bedrooms in this property. Therefore, there is plenty of space for a large family or for those who intend to have guests staying over at the property. There are also a whopping 19 bathrooms in this house. The impressive master suite has a vaulted wood ceiling, wooden floors, and a neutral color scheme on the walls. On the feature wall, the bed is set into a recess and is surrounded by a stone frame. Opposite the bed, there is a pull-down cinema screen for watching movies while you relax.

The bedroom leads through to a humongous dressing room with multiple units and shelving for storing clothes, shoes, and personal items. There is also a magnificent en-suite bathroom with his and hers sinks and units. A wood burner housed in a brick unit with a chimney offers some privacy to the stunning copper freestanding bath behind. The bath is by a large window that offers views of the surrounding landscape.

One of the best aspects of this house is the options for entertainment, fun, and leisure that it provides. Some of the things for the homeowner to enjoy with their friends, family, and guests include an indoor pool, a fitness center, a yoga room, an indoor shooting range, a golf simulator, and a two-lane bowling alley. Western Frontier says that the property also has a movie theater with 12 fully-reclining seats.

The Exterior of the Property

The property is entered through wrought iron gates with stone pillars, which lead through to a long and winding drive that is illuminated with lights. Stone walls, gray tiled roofs, a single turret, and stone pillars are some of the main external features of this vast property. The property is set against the backdrop of the hill and a wooded area. This stunning castle is set in 100-acres of grounds, so the exterior of this property is also one of its strong selling points. The beautiful exterior space provides pleasant surroundings for the homeowner, while also acting as an additional entertaining space. As the castle is set on a hill, there are spectacular views of Montana from every angle of the property.

A large area of the outdoor space is paved, which is low-maintenance and offers a large area for parking for those visiting the property. Further parking options include the 14 large garages that surround this paved area. One of the most impressive features of the outdoor space is that there are several outdoor pools, including one that has a swim-up bar. The pools are lined with boulders that coordinate well with the stone exterior of the building. These are ideal for fitness, relaxation, or hosting pool parties. Two outdoor kitchens offer all the facilities needed to entertain outdoors.

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