Legendary “Scream 3” House is on the Market for $40 Million

While some houses attract interest when they hit the market because they have famous owners, there are others that are interesting because it is the property itself that is famous. That is the case of The Paramour Estate, as the house has been used as a film location. Now, the famous estate is on the market for just short of $40 million. The property is particularly well known as a location from the horror film ‘Scream 3’ as it is the location where actress Neve Campbell’s character triumphs over Ghostface. It was also the home of producer John Milton, played by Lance Henriksen, in the film. Various parts of the house were used in ‘Scream 3,’ including the ballroom, the hallways, and down by the pool. There are even secret passageways that appear in the film that director Wes Craven says are authentic to the property. Patrick Lussier, an editor of the film, said that the property is very alluring to filmmakers due to its versatility. He has remarked that the property looks different in every film in which it appears, and this is why it has become such a popular filming venue.

The Paramour Estate’s History

Construction of the estate in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, began in 1918. It was commissioned by married couple Daisy Canfield and Antonio Moreno (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0603875/). Canfield was a socialite heir to the Pan American Petroleum estate, while her husband was a silent film star. The estate, which was originally called Crestmount, was designed by architect Robert D. Farquhar, and it took five years to complete. The impressive main house is built in a Beaux-Arts style, and the new owners spared expense to complete every aspect of the property to the highest standard. Daisy and Antonio often used their stunning estate to entertain, and they became known for hosting Sundays at the Crestmount, to which they invited all their high-society friends. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 1928, as Moreno had a wandering eye.

Following the end of her marriage, Canfield turned her home into a boarding school for girls, which she called the Chloe P. Canfield Memorial home, in honor of her late mother, who was tragically murdered by a former employee. Canfield also met a sad demise. Just a few years after converting her home to a boarding school, she was tragically killed in a car accident. Her chauffeur lost control of the car and plunged over a 300-foot cliff on Mulholland Drive. Although Canfield was killed instantly, her chauffer survived the accident. The estate became the Immaculate Conception Home for Girls in 1953. It was an orphanage run by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters. In 1987, the house was severely damaged by the Whittier Narrows earthquake. The nuns decided not to restore the building and put it on the market. They hoped to use the proceeds of the sale to build a new school locally.

Dana Hollister, a designer, preservationist, and restauranteur, toured the mansion in 1991. She attempted to find investors to restore the property and convert it into a hotel. However, neighborhood opposition put a stop to her plans. Eventually, Hollister bought the property herself in 1998, and she began the arduous task of restoring the house to its former glory. She injected various styles into the interior of the home, including Old Hollywood, Bohemian, and Moroccan design. She also renamed the estate The Paramour Estate. To help fund the renovation of the house and grounds, she opened up the home for use as a film location. Now, the property is being listed for $39,995,000. This whopping price tag means it is currently the most expensive property for sale on Los Angeles’ Eastside.

An Overview of the Property

The main house spans a whopping 15,388-square-feet, and there are also two guest cottages within the grounds. In total, there are 15 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms between the three structures. Opulent interior design runs throughout the property, and each room has striking features. One of the most impressive rooms in the house is the 1,250-square-foot ballroom, which sits in the center of the house on the ground floor. There is no doubt that this was originally used as one of the main entertaining spaces. The ballroom features high, beamed ceilings, wooden plank floors, a marble fireplace, and arched windows. There are French doors at either side of the room, leading out to the north and south terraces. Arched windows and French doors are also features that appear in many other rooms on the property’s ground floor. Many of the rooms are painted in vibrant colors, such as fuchsia pink, dramatic purples, and deep orange. Ornate touches, such as gold-plated detailing, also appear throughout many rooms in the home.

The Grounds of The Paramour Estate

The Paramour Estate sits on a large plot of 4.83-acres, says Dirt.com. There are areas of lush gardens, manicured hedges, and sprawling lawns, so there is greenery all around. The Great Lawn measures an impressive 2,025-square-feet. One of the most notable features of the grounds is the views, as wherever you look, there are stunning views across the surrounding area. Entertaining was clearly in mind when the grounds were originally designed. There are numerous terraces and patios dotted around the grounds and lining the back of the property, and these are ideal spots for entertaining guests and alfresco dining. There is also extensive parking available, with enough room to park more than 50 vehicles. Another notable feature of the grounds is the swimming pool, where the final sequence in ‘Scream 3’ was filmed. The main house is a ‘U’ shape, and the swimming room sits between three walls to the property’s rear. It is a large, rectangular pool surrounded by a terracotta-paved terrace. Steps lead into the pool on all four sides. The central courtyard location of the pool gives it a sense of privacy, as the new homeowner can enjoy taking a dip away from prying eyes from neighboring properties. Its unusual position also means that the pool is surrounded by greenery, wrought-iron features, and the three-story turret of the main house.

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