Marcus Lemonis Snags $18 Million Manhattan Townhouse

Lemonis Manhattan Apartment

Marcus Lemonis is best-known for his appearances on “The Profit,” “The Partner,” and a few other television shows. The famed Lebanese-born American businessman possesses a wealth of talents. He’s also a philanthropist and politician in addition to being a television personality. Fans will be happy to know that he just snagged an $18 million Manhattan Townhouse, according to The Dirt.

A first look at Lemonis’ new Manhattan Townhouse

Lemonis recently closed the deal on the New York townhouse for a price of $18 million. The home sits on a 20 feet wide lot, constructed in 2020 led by architect Henry Jessup. The Townhouse boasts square footage of 9,200 with 5 bedrooms, 6 full baths, and 2 half baths. He is the first owner to take possession of the revitalized home. Here are all the juicy details of his new digs.

Lemonis Manhattan Apartment

Five luxurious floors

Yahoo reports that the new townhouse is set in the Madison and Park Avenue area. At first glance, the home features a limestone facade with a slate mansard roof and towering luxury. A private garden is located just off the kitchen, accessed through the French doors that lead into the room. The cozy area is ideal for enjoying breakfast or brunch outside. On the first floor, we see the main entrance and a stair hall leading to other areas. There is a large kitchen and a library on the first floor. A wood-burning fireplace serves as a focal point for the ground floor. The second floor has another fireplace, a half bathroom, a formal dining room, and a wet bar. There is a pantry on the second floor.

Lemonis Manhattan Apartment

Guest accommodations

The third floor makes up an area reserved for accommodating guests. Four guest bedrooms occupy the third and fourth floors. Each guest bedroom has amenities of a built-in dressing room or walk-in closet and a private bath. They reserve this level for overnight guests to make themselves more than comfortable. The laundry room is on the 4th floor. The owners have reserved the entire fifth floor for the master suite.

Lemonis Manhattan Apartment

The fifth floor

The fifth floor is a luxury suite reserved for the occupants of the home. There are two bathrooms in the suite, one for each of the owners. The dressing room is large. One of the bathrooms has a large soaking tub that sits under beautiful arched windows. The mansion is spectacular and bathes the occupants in total luxury and comfort, but there is much more.

Lemonis Manhattan Apartment

The roof terrace

The mansion features a terrace area atop the food. Although it is unfinished, it is ready for the new owners to use their creativity and imaginations to convert the open space into the terrace of their dreams. We believe that the unfinished rooftop was intentional to allow for the personalization of the space. The views from the area are spectacular, and there are a lot of different options for maximizing the area. Leaving it unfinished was a wise move. It will be interesting to find out how Lemonis converts the space.

Lemonis Manhattan Apartment

The rest

The mansion also has a full-height basement below the ground floor. The architects left this area unfinished, as with the rooftop, to allow the new owners to design the room to fit their personal needs and preferences. As is, it is a space with endless possibilities. For now, there is a second laundry room in the basement with tons of storage, but it will likely become a specialty room such as a rec room, a wine cellar, gym, or another specialized area. A home with five floors, a full basement, and a rooftop terrace covers a lot of ground vertically. There is a staircase that leads to all of the levels of the home. Making many trips from top to bottom will give you a good workout, and if that’s your thing, you’re all set. If you’re not a fan of trudging up and down the stairs, the mansion comes with a built-in elevator that moves from one floor to the other to save your legs. Elevators have become essential for new Manhattan mansions in this day and age. Could you imagine what it was like before the technology became available? Years ago dumbwaiters were installed in the walls to help ease the burden for butlers, maids, and other members of the waitstaff.

Some press releases cite the home as “brand-new” and while it is a newly constructed home, built on the ashes of a former structure, there is a significant history associated with the site. US News confirms that the new townhouse was built on the site where Nicholas Bartha, a wealthy physician previously lived. In 2006, Bartha concocted a bomb that blew the previous structure up, while he was inside. It was an act of separation to prevent his estranged wife from acquiring the home in their divorce proceedings. It was a tragic ending, but the rubble was cleared and they built the new home over the scene of the explosion. Marcus Lemonis’ new Manhattan townhouse isn’t the sprawling mansion one would imagine on an acre of ground. It’s built on a sliver of property that makes it look like a wedged-in complex, but considering the lack of space and the value of property in this area, it gives the neighborhood a bit of a facelift. Forget having much outdoor privacy, except for the deep garden outside the kitchen area. We find it amazing that you can pack so much into one small lot of property. The land is at a premium on Madison and Park Avenue, and the architects deserve credit for their exceptional skills in lavish so much luxury in one tiny space. Occupants of the townhouse won’t feel any pinch of space once indoors. He and his wife still have a little work to do to complete the top and bottom floors.

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