Bob Hope’s House Of 22,000 Square Feet For $50 Million

A masterpiece in architecture by John Lautner, Bob Hope’s Palm Spring House makes statements of all kinds with its imposing look. Deserts must be quite a good idea for spreading houses, because this house measures 22,000 square feet. And the buyers must think at it as an excellent place, maybe because of its huge size, maybe because it still keeps the celebrity scent, as this just got on the market at the unbelievable price of $50 million.

Well, that number could give anyone dizziness. But let’s see what are some of the things that make the exorbitant price seem legit. It’s a concrete and glass colossus, with an interesting architectural shape, trying to reproduce a volcano. It has six bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, an enormous entertainment area and a bunch of other rooms, some of them being decorated with murals, an outdoor dining area, a pool, tennis court and, of course, a generous garden. If you can believe it, all these are supposed to explain the $50 million.

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