Wiz Khalifa’s New $3.4 Million High Tech Encino Mansion

TMZ have reported that rapper Wiz Khalifa has purchased a new home in Encino, California. The property has cost him $3.4 million which has led people to wonder just what he is getting for his money. Encino is a wealthy neighborhood and there are a number of other celebrities that live close by. The popularity of the area may inflate property prices a little but that is not to say that Khalifa hasn’t got himself a good deal when you consider all the features that his new home has The property he has purchased is brand-new and is one of the first smart homes of its kind to be built in this area.

The home is set over 5,832 square feet and so there is plenty of space. When you take the outside space into account the total area of the home is a quarter-acre. There are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms in the home and the furnishings are very contemporary.

There is a luxurious and sophisticated feel right through the home. The floors are made from European white oak and all the cabinetry is finished with a customised laquer. There are many contemporary features in the home that give it a really modern look such as a floating staircase and glass doors that go from floor to ceiling. In some areas of the house there ceilings are 24 feet high and this makes the living area feel even more spacious.

Whenever he feels like taking some time out and relaxing there are certainly plenty of places within the home that he can do this. There is a pool and spa as well as a cabana that also has a bathroom. There is also an outdoor kitchen which is ideal when entertaining. Other facilities in the home include a home theater and a wine cellar.

There are also a number of features upstairs that add to the relaxed atmosphere of the house. There is an outdoor lounge that opens up onto an outdoor terrace. There is also a balcony that wraps around the side of the house. The bedrooms are all located on the top floor of the home and these are large enough for everyone in the home to have their own space whenever they want it.

A lot of the features that make this home so unique are the things that make it a smart home. An alarm is already built into the home along with four external security cameras so security was obviously a top priority when this house was being built. There are also three zones in the home which are controlled by a NEST HVAC system. This will allow Khalifa to be able to turn the air conditioning and heating on and off from his smartphone so the home is at the right temperature when he gets home.

The home is decorated throughout in neutral colors so Wiz Khalifa will be able to put his own stamp on it in terms of the things that he puts on the wall. He is a fan of art and there is also plenty of wall space in this home for him to display this. The home is virtually ready to move into in terms of the furnishings, although he may choose to change things to his own taste.

Before buying his new home, Khalifa was renting a home in another area of Los Angeles that she shared with his young son. The rent on this property was reported to be in the region of $16,000 per month. If he could afford rents as high as this then paying over $3 million for a home of his own should be no problem.

Architectural Digest did a piece on the home he was previously renting and commented on how it was not what they expected from the home of a rapper. It was obvious that this was a special place that him and his son enjoyed living in. This may have been the most important thing that he also wanted to achieve in his new home. It is important to him that his son has a stable and happy environment to grow up which is what this home will provide as well as a little bit of luxury.

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