Lebron James Dropped $23 Million for this Brentwood Estate

1. A View from the Front

Although LeBron has referred to himself as “the cheapest guy in the NBA,” this photo of the mansion’s front exterior definitely makes you question his claims. Would someone who is so frugal purchase a home that looks like this? The product of The Agency’s Santiago Arana and his Cutting Edge Developments partner, David Herskowitz, the 3-story white brick home features towering glass doors and floor-to-ceiling window. Outside, there’s a classy cobblestone driveway that is flanked by 100-year-old, imported Sevillano olive trees. By the way, the original asking price was $30 million, so LeBron got a deal.

2. A Park-Like Backyard Oasis

Even though the property includes an oversized pool and spa, this photo shows that there is still plenty of room for LeBron and his wife, Savannah’s, three children to run around. This view also offers you a look at the loggia, which includes a sitting and dining area, as well as an outdoor kitchen with a grill and beer taps. Although it is hard to tell from this angle, the mansion boasts a rooftop terrace that can be accessed by an elevator. From there, King James will have a bird’s eye view of everything going on in the backyard below.

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