Joe Montana Drops $7.4 Million on Malibu Beach House

Joe Montana Malibu Home

Everybody knows that real estate in California is pricey, to say the least. As a matter of fact, it’s become so expensive that it’s virtually impossible for most people to even consider the idea of living there, especially if that particular property happens to involve living close to the ocean. As a result, the overwhelming number of individuals who actually live in places like Malibu are the very rich and the very famous.

Joe Montana Malibu Home


Malibu has always been known as a place where only the very rich could afford to live. Traditionally, it was a place where famous people lived, to be sure. However, there were also a number of doctors and lawyers that lived there. Over the years, it became increasingly difficult for a person to buy a house in the area, even on the salary of a doctor or a lawyer. Slowly but surely, it became so expensive to live there that only professional athletes, actors and musicians made enough money to even consider the prospect of purchasing a home there. That is still the case today, but it has become so exclusive that even the richest of the rich often find it too expensive for their taste.

However, some people love it so much that they consider it worthwhile to spend the money in order to live there. Joe Montana is one of those individuals, having just spent 7.4 million dollars in order to secure a mansion on Malibu beach front. That is no small amount of money, regardless of how much money you make. In fact, many people who make more than enough to purchase a home like this would still balk at the idea of spending more than seven million dollars on a single home. Nevertheless, Joe Montana and his wife wanted to have a house in Malibu and they wanted to be as close to the beach as possible. When this property became available, they jumped at the chance and they didn’t care how much money it would cost for them to get it.

Joe Montana Malibu Home

Retro Styling at a Premium Price

The thing that makes this home relatively unique is that it’s styled as though it were the 1950s. As a matter of fact, the home’s previous owners had it purposefully built to reflect a home that would have been built during that time, even going as far as outfitting it with period furnishings. It genuinely looks like you have stepped back in time when you look at the house. The other thing that is quite shocking is that the home only incorporates a relatively small area. In fact, it was designed to Encompass little more than 1,300 square feet of living space. That is an incredibly small amount of space, especially for something that sells for more than seven million dollars. When you consider the fact that there are trailer houses on the market that offer that much living space, it sort of makes you shake your head in confusion as to why anyone would be willing to shell out that much money for something that doesn’t really offer much in the way of living space or a modern-day design. Nevertheless, it was something that Joe Montana and his wife couldn’t wait to scoop up. They wanted the property so badly that it never even made it to a traditional real estate company. The entire deal was done before the house even openly went on the market. It was done completely in private and by the time that anyone was aware that the house was even for sale, it was essentially already sold and paid for.

Joe Montana Malibu Home

To Each Their Own

All of this seems even more intriguing when you consider the fact that Joe Montana has a mansion in Napa Valley, California that has been for sale for some time. That is a home that offers a great deal more living space with far more advanced amenities. It’s also a home that has been on the market for quite some time. Of course, people have a tendency to speculate about virtually everything that other people do these days, especially with the development of social media where it is so easy to pass judgment on others without having to actually say anything to their face. The fact that Joe Montana and his wife purchased this new mansion for so much money generated a great deal of buzz on social media, as people were wondering why anyone would spend so much money on such a small, dated property when they already have something that is far bigger and much nicer that they’ve been trying to get rid of for some time. As a matter of fact, people lit up social media like a firestorm when the news was finally made public. At the end of the day, it comes down to the fact that the new Malibu house is the one that Joe Montana and his wife wanted and they could afford to purchase it. In short, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because they’re not the ones living in it.

Joe Montana Malibu Home

About the Old House

Speaking of Joe Montana’s old house, it has generated significantly less interest than he or anyone else probably would have ever imagined, prompting him to drop the asking price by more than 27 million dollars. Nevertheless, it hasn’t put a damper on his nor his wife’s outlook. As far as they are concerned, the house will eventually sell and they are currently enjoying their Malibu home, having found exactly what they were looking for. It really is true that everyone is intrigued by different things. While some people couldn’t imagine living in a 1300 square foot house that looks like it came straight out of the 1950s, that is the dream home for other people. In this particular case, it is now the dream home for Joe Montana, one that he and his wife plan to stay in for some time.

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