Drew Barrymore’s Duplex At 830 Park Avenue In New York City


Today we go inside another celebrity home and this time it’s Drew Barrymore’s duplex located at 830 Park Avenue in New York City. The apartment just got a renovation, featuring now a modern design with in the wall music system, parquet floors, three amazing fireplaces, a large living room with high ceilings and big windows and upstairs the master bedroom and a spa bathroom.

It’s hard to tell how much Drew Barrymore spent on this residence, though it is known that the duplex was listed at $8.3 million. The home is definitely impressive, yet it seems like it’s not quite celebrity home material, as the design stays simple, with neutral tones and only some art pieces decorating the walls reviving the place with a little bit of color.

But what can be noticed is that Drew Barrymore likes to keep her home very personal, a good example being the dining area, where the walls are filled with shelves containing personal stuff and many photographs.

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