The Napa Vineyard House Is All About Peace And Relaxation


The Napa Vineyard House is a real-life dream vacation house for a group of friends and has been built and designed by Remick Associates Architecture. It can be admired in Nappa Valley, the sunny state – I mean, California. Taking full advantage of the beautiful landscape, perfectly suited for harboring a dream home, the Vineyard House is built on the top of a hill, providing its inhabitants with an awesome view over the valley and the vineyard. Even if it looks somewhat like a doll house that borrows some design parts from the typical barn, this piece of real estate inspires peace and relaxation. The interior space is ample and luminous, looking very appealing to its visitors, the design is modern and the white painted walls, not to mention the blue swimming pool add to the dream-home sensation that Napa Vineyard offers its visitors. The house has multiple owners and consists in three structures that feature living spaces,  private rooms and bathrooms and the interior combines a small amount of sober elements with cheerful ones, featuring a minimalist furniture, wooden walls and colorful decorations that warm up the atmosphere.

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