10 Home Decor Elements That are Out in 2020

Home decor seems to be an ever-changing world. One day, one decor idea is popular, and the next, it’s out of style. Knowing what decor trends are coming or going is a good way to help you keep your home decorating themes up-to-date and looking fresh, not tired and boring. Some are easy to change, while others may take a little effort and you can decide which ones you want to tackle. With the new year and the new decade, there are several home decor elements that will be falling by the wayside and considered, out-of- style, so if keeping up with the newest and latest trends in home decor interests you, then keep reading and see 10 home decor elements that are out in 2020.

Word Art

It’s been around for a while, decorating walls with single words. They’re cute, sometimes cozy, and they can express your feelings on things like Love, Family, Hope, and Faith. Word art is often seen used in kitchens; like, Coffee, Eat, Wine, Gather, among many others, also in living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. Word art was adopted from the old vintage street or store signs, according to Homedit,  and mostly seen used in shabby chic, rustic, or cottage design themes, but eventually migrated into most all decor themes. No matter your design theme, or the word art, it’s all moving ‘out’ and more personal ways of expressing your thoughts and feelings are moving ‘in’. For instance, instead of the word, ‘Family,’ arrange photographs of the family on the wall, and replace word art with unique abstract pieces, or painted pieces of wall art to display your ideas, style and taste.

Get Rid of the Bed-in-a-Bag Look

We’ve all seen it – you walk in a room and there it is; the matching curtains, comforter, and other upholstered pieces. It’s not only a little overwhelming to see too much of one pattern and material, but it’s not a popular decorating trend anymore. Some people may have found it easy to decorate using this decor trend, the one known as, the ‘bed-in-a-bag’ trend, but with the new decade, coordinating and mixing-and-matching textures and patterns is what it’s all about. So bring down those curtains that look identical to the bedspread and get creative with colors, patterns and textures to create a fresher look.

Tile and Grout Countertops

The look of tile and wide, white grout on countertops is no longer the look of an up-to-date kitchen. No matter what color the tile is, the look is being left behind, as it should be. Not only does it make the counters appear choppy and non-congruent in design, but they aren’t the easiest counters to keep clean or maintained, either, says Elle Decor. Marble and granite are simple, sleek and easy-to-maintain elements, and they’re what you’ll mostly see in kitchens and bathrooms in 2020.

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink hit the popularity chart for a home decor color early in the new century, however, it’s time at the top of the list for a cool color choice has burnt out. If you want to keep up with the trending colors for 2020, consider giving that millennial pink room a re-do using newer trending colors, like blue, shades of yellow, shades of green, or stick to neutral tones. Furniture pieces in millennial pink can be recovered or add a slip color in a neutral tone to bring it into the new decorating decade.

Nautical Themes

Nautical themes have been around forever. The look really took off in the 1980’s and was popular in homes near and far from the ocean. The nautical theme we’re speaking of is the super obvious use of nautical colors; blue and white, complimented with things like a seashell lamp, a ship’s wheel, a large anchor, or, well, you get the idea. With the start of the new decade, interior designers recommend getting rid of the old beachy look and update it with a more subtle beach theme. At Elle Decor, ideas include choosing a beach-theme color palette from warm blues, corals, brown, and creamy whites. Compliment your colors with natural elements for your decorating pieces. A table made of driftwood, or a unique pieces of beachy art are more subtle ways to capture the idea.

All Gray Themes

Although neutral tones are safe ways to go when it comes to decor themes, some colors get used from top-to-bottom and everything in-between. This was a common thing for the color gray. Gray is one of those shades that pairs well with so many other colors, and 2020 is the time to make that change. Get rid of the all-gray theme and throw in some pops of yellow, red, black, white, or other hues that help to bring your all-gray room to life for the new decade, as opposed to dull and boring.

Accent Walls

Accent walls have often been used as a way of adding a bit of drama to a room, especially to a wall that stands a lone, or a negative space wall or a wall. According to My Domaine, those accent walls are moving out of the popular list of home decor ideas in 2020. Instead of making one wall stand out, consider keeping all the walls and trim the same color to keep the decor flow congruent throughout the room. It’s easier on the eyes and more appealing for home buyers.

Palm Prints are Waving Good-bye

There was a time that palm prints had their place in the home decor book of ideas, but coming this year, they are not going to be seen as much as they used to. The problem with palm prints is the overuse of the look. It’s a large, and often, overbearing look in any space, including in hotels, but for homes, it can easily overtake a room. Opt for a more subtle look if you are trying to create a natural, outdoorsy theme, rather than the bold look of palm fronds.

Overuse of Open Shelving

Open shelving in a kitchen adds a certain appeal that can be a nice touch when used in restraint. Too much open shelving, and your kitchen can take on a whole new look – unfinished. If you designed your kitchen cabinetry to purposefully expose most of your dishes or kitchenware, this is going to be the year you may want to do a little cabinetry remodel and add more doors to give your cabinets a closed, finished look. Interior designers have decided that it’s not attractive to see all of someone’s dishes stacked on shelves, not to mention, it isn’t the most sanitary way to store them with all the airborne elements that can reach them. Instead, leave a select few open for displaying decorative items or a small collection and enclose the rest.

Subway Tile Overload

Subway tile is a beautiful look for bathrooms and kitchens, and it took homes by storm for a while. While it’s true that subway tile is a great way to add style and easy-maintenance flooring or walls to wet areas, overuse of the tile is leaving in 2020. You don’t have to forgo subway tiles altogether, if you’re trying to keep your home trendy this year, however, covering a bathroom from floor-to-ceiling is not going to be a trending look going into this new decade. Instead, break the look up by mixing in different materials. Perhaps a marble floor or wood floor, or add a little shiplap to the walls to add a more dramatic appeal.

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