The Hobbit House You Can Build In Three Days

Have you ever seen The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings movies directed by Peter Jackson? Did you ever see those little homes the Hobbits lived in which looked like they had built their homes in the ground? It’s not so hard to imagine living in one, but can you picture yourselves living in a small home which is eco-friendly and highly efficient when it comes to energy, and yet it comes with everything you can ever hope to have in a normal house?

In this article, you will be presented with tiny homes that are styled on the homes of the Hobbits.

1. The Hobbit styled tiny house

Constructed by the Green Magic Homes, this particular type of small house is composed of prefabricated panels manufactured with materials that are laminated composites which are confined in the walls in reinforced soil for energy efficiency. The house is extremely easy to assemble and features flaps that are easy to screw together. The great thing about this house is it can be made anywhere, and while the manufacturer claims it can be built in just three days, it doesn’t count with the base work – the foundation, the work on the interior, or even the exterior planting, or even the work needed to lay on gas, electricity or water. But the great thing is it is extremely easy to build and it doesn’t take that long.

2. The Earth Shelter Hobbit House

Alright, the Earth shelter has been around for centuries. They are given this name because of their partially underground construction. Relying on the soil and plants which grow over them to protect their interiors from the outside elements while also regulating the interior temperature in a more natural way. The downside is these houses are extremely hard to render watertight and few interior options exist.

3. Hard Shell

Green Magic Homes are experts in this field, and this house proves it, and they have come up with modular building systems. This house uses fibre reinforced polymer panels which work with the covering of Earth and is rated to hold 8 inches of soil.

4. Net-zero Unity solar-powered prefab

Although not a hobbit-style house, this one is a possibility for you. Designed and built to help people agree on factory-built housing methods. Unveiled in 2015, this house can be constructed in just three days and yet is designed to last for years – centuries, in fact. This eco-friendly house is built to meet with LEED V4 platinum and zero-energy standards.

5. Modular One – Assembled in TWO days

While the concept of a factory fabricated eco-friendly house may not sound very appealing, this particular house can prove it isn’t a bad thing. Designed by the architect Robert Gurney, this house has been constructed out of in Maryland, and has been designed to be energy efficient, affordable, and highly flexible out of modules with constructed in just two short weeks and assembled with the facilities for wiring and windows pre-installed.

The greatest thing about these houses is they are easy to assemble – their perforated flaps make it easy for customers who wish to live in a smaller home to fit their homes together. Although two of these homes on the list are not exactly Hobbit homes, they show the technology exists to make living in a cheaper way is actually easier than most people might imagine. These homes are more eco-friendly and they are highly efficient energy wise, so they can cut out the heating bill you receive each month.

The best thing is some of these homes, especially the first one on the list, is only 400 square feet in size, can be assembled in places to adapt to the needs of the region and only needs a few people to put them together without that much construction experience. And best of all no heavy equipment. Some of these prefabricated dwellings can also have the basic facilities for wiring and plumbing pre-installed and fitted in at any point during the construction process.

At the moment Green Magic Homes only deliver in the United States of America but their website shows a great deal of information about their products, though there are others.

The downsides

There is always a downside to everything, and hobbit-style homes are no exception. Some of these structures are only suitable for warm climates, at least in some cases; it might be possible to have a home which comes with additional insulation on top of having the layer of soil. When making arrangements to have a hobbit-style house built for yourself, do some research to see how much soil is needed for keeping your home warm and energy efficient.

Another downside to consider would be the cost. Some of these homes may cost within the range of $3,000 or slightly more. Green Magic Homes have come to their limits at between $125 to $200 per square foot of the houses, though this might be different for some other prefabricated homes, and not just Green Magic Homes.

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