20 Awesome Thanksgiving Porch Decor Ideas

Fall is finally here and if you’re like most, you’re ready for warm sweaters, cozy fires, apple cider, and breaking out your decorations for your front porch. Pumpkins and bales of hay, scarecrows, colorful wreathes, and mums galore. Anything that reminds you of fall can be a part of a beautiful fall display for your front porch to put you in the spirit of the change of season. But how do you put all these things together to create a beautifully decorated front porch that represents fall? We have some great ideas to get you started, so keep reading.

Pumpkins are a must!

Any fall decor plan to put together should most definitely include pumpkins. Pumpkins are one of the most popular indicators of fall and there’s nothing so timeless as a pumpkin display. You don’t have to stick with the traditional orange pumpkins, either. With the wide variety of colors and sizes, mix and match your pumpkin collection for your front porch for a more interesting and visually appealing decor theme. Pumpkins can be stacked, arranged in clusters, or leaned on their sides in multi-colored arrangements next to potted plants, your porch columns, or anywhere you want to add little pumpkin spice to your porch.

Fall colors

Fall colors are full of earthy tones, however, you’ll also find an array of rich and vibrant colors, like yellows and golds, reds and burgundy, dark greens and oranges. Using some or all of the colors, intermixing them, and letting them play off each other really brings out the seasonal look and feel on your front porch. Even if you prefer to stick to a more neutral display on your porch, for instance, hay bales and corn stalks, and such, you can add splashes of color to brighten your front porch’s seasonal look. You can purchase, or have fun with a DIY front door wreath made of colorful fall leaves and red cranberries. Fill an old tin can or vintage milk jug full of lush orange, or sunny yellow mums to add a splash of color next to a front porch rocker, or perhaps you have an old distressed farm table you can set on your porch to create a fall display on, like a pot of mums with a few smaller pumpkins in an array of colors, surrounding it, which Homedit just happens to be a fan of – pumpkin displays. Add pots of colorful mums to your front steps, or wrap your front columns in a variety of colorful fall elements; straw, colorful leaves, sunflowers, or just about anything that reminds you of fall.

Fill your fall containers and urns

According to Follow the Yellow Brick Home, fall containers full of fall elements, are stunning and can help to create focal points for your front porch. Use them to fill empty corners on the porch, line the front steps, and to create eye-popping fall displays. Whether you already have some fall containers on hand, or can scrounge a few up at an antique store, yard sale, or second-hand store, find some somewhere and start filling them with an array of fall elements and colorful arrangements; use pine cones, apples, twig and berry arrangements, a variety of types of colored squash, among other elements to give your front porch eye-popping layers of fall charm and character. Old tin buckets or pails, jugs, urns, copper pots, vintage or distressed wooden boxes, even a pair of old leather boots can be filled with floral arrangements. Anything that captures the essence of fall can be used in your front porch fall decor display, if you see its potential.

Think beyond pumpkins and fall flowers

Of course, fall flowers and pumpkins are the first things to come to mind when it comes to decorating for fall. But sometimes these things can seem a little cliche’ or mundane, so, if creating a uniquely decorated front porch is something you’re aiming for this fall, then think beyond the carved or un-carved orange pumpkins, colored leaves, and fall flowers. Like Christmas, fall has its own types of lighting that can be just as festive, just in a fallish way. String soft, orange lights around porch columns or along the eves to add a beautiful fall light to your entry. A large scarecrow sitting in a porch rocker is a fun decoration, or a few crows sitting atop a couple of stacked bales of hay. Hanging a fall waver decorated with pumpkins or other fall scene from your flag perch on your porch column, or set a wooden fall welcome sign at your door, are both ways to add a homey, Autumn welcomed feeling for guests. Large candles in large wired votives, sitting in the middle of a beautiful fall arrangements gives an elegant and cozy appeal at the front door, and speaking of the front door, wreaths are the most common door decor, but if you’re looking for something different, try making your own cranberry and twig wreath, or hang a basket of bright red apples on the door. Use your creativeness to come up with ideas beyond pumpkins and flowers to create a beautiful fall display. Farm Food Family says that there are plenty of ways to make your front porch a beautiful fall festival without spending a lot of money. You can simply take a walk on a crisp, fall day and find plenty of fall elements to get creative with.

Are you ready to decorate your porch for fall? Then take a look at the following 20 awesome Thanksgiving porch decor ideas and start planning your Autumn display for your own front porch.

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