Have a Look Inside Adam Levine’s Hollywood Hills Home

4. The Basketball Court

Although the listing mentions a tennis court, there are no pictures of it available online. Instead, this photo of the property’s regulation style, lighted basketball court is included with the listing. It is possible that this was once the tennis court, but that hasn’t been confirmed. There is also a good chance that the tennis court is simply located somewhere else on the sprawling estate.

5. The Home’s Entrance

Although it’s not necessarily a grand entrance like you typically see in a multi-million dollar home, this well-lit entrance does give you a good idea of what to expect in Adam’s house. You immediately notice the ceiling-to-floor glass walls that offer a look at the backyard, as well as the home’s very open floorplan. On the right, you catch a glimpse at the rock wall that is used to somewhat divide the huge living room from the kitchen.

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