Have a Look Inside Adam Levine’s Hollywood Hills Home

8. The Entire Living/ Great Room

Taken from the recent listing, this photo gives you a better idea of why this is considered one of LA’s best living/ great rooms. Walls of glass provide panoramic views, while the vaulted ceiling with wood beams and skylights allows even more natural sunlight in the room. It looks as if the room has been divided into four spaces, including a game area, two separate sitting areas, and a dining area. Sadly, both the photo of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg that was hanging on the back wall, as well as the flooring has been replaced. What are your thoughts on the new concrete flooring?

9. A Sitting Area

This sitting area is situated at the end of the living/ great room that can’t really be seen in the photo above. This appears to be where the family sits to watch TV, based on the large flat screen TV mounted among the built-in bookshelves. Of course, it may be hard to see when sun is streaming in the glass doors on the left. Several of Adam’s prized possessions seem to be on display in this area, including 2 of his 3 Grammy awards and what must be a signed basketball.

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