Have a Look Inside Adam Levine’s Hollywood Hills Home

13. Another Corner of the Master Bedroom

Instead of the family photos that often grace the walls of a home, Adam has opted to display more photographs of his greatest musical influences in his master bedroom. They include Stevie Wonder with Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and Kurt Cobain. In the upper right corner, you can see a photo of a woman, who may or may not be his wife. (Remember, these pictures were taken several years ago and he has dated multiple super models, any of which could be pictured here.)

14. At the Other End of the Master Bedroom

Adam’s master bedroom is obviously quite large, especially when you see everything he has on the other end of the room. In addition to a huge, custom-made ottoman covered in red velvet (He really seems to be a fan of velvet), a Wurlitzer baby grand piano and several guitars can be found in this corner. Another antique Persian rug covers the floor.

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