A Look at Elton John’s Art Filled Home in Los Angeles

15. Also in the Master Bedroom

The end tables sitting on both sides of the bed are topped with shiny Robert Sonneman lamps from the 1970s and an assortment of tchotchkes and a few fresh flowers. Behind each table is another Mapplethorpe photograph. While it’s not necessarily true in these photos Robert Mapplethorpe is known for taking on highly controversial subject matter in his photos. In a 2017 interview discussing an upcoming auction to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Elton referred to Mapplethorpe as a great artist who died so young from AIDS.”

16. An Up Close Look at the Paintings

This photo makes it easier to see just a few of the paintings by Mapplethorpe that hang in the master bedroom. The photos, which include close-ups of flowers, were taken in the 1980s. In the left corner, a second-century Roman torso sculpture can be seen.

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