A Look at Elton John’s Art Filled Home in Los Angeles

5. The Backyard Pool

Although the pool at the Trousdale Estates home isn’t particularly large, it does offer enough space for the boys to get in and splash around. Before heading inside, they can lounge around on one of the several outdoor couches covered in a Summit Furniture fabric or stop for a quick bit to eat at the concrete tables.

6. Where the Living Room Meets the Family Room

A lacquered partial wall was used to distinguish the more formal living room from the kid-friendly family room. The neon sign was created by Elton’s longtime friend, Tracey Emin, an artist known for expressing herself through a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpting, and sewing. On the back wall, two paintings by Keith Haring, who is well known for his pop art and graffiti-style work, hang. Check out the mountain views from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The other walls of the room are covered with a lacquered white paint, which is both easy to clean and perfect for showcasing Elton’s art collection. In fact, most of the house’s walls are painted with white lacquer.

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