20 Gorgeous Interior Examples of the Modern Farmhouse Look

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse design has been one of the most popular and steadfast home decor styles. As popular as traditional farmhouse design remains, many homeowners want to freshen the look up a bit and bring in some newer, fresher looks that offer ea more modern twist to the design, hence the term, modern farmhouse. Modern farmhouse design still gives you the warm, welcoming look and feel you want, but it adds a sense of elegance to the relaxed atmosphere. Turning your home into a beautiful modern farmhouse is simple, and we have some tips to get you started.

Mixing old with new

Of course, vintage anything is always a part of the farmhouse look; vintage furniture, vintage decor items, vintage lighting, even a sliding barn door. Traditional farmhouses are typically furnished with things that look like they’ve been being collected for years, however, when it comes to a modern farmhouse, the goal is to create the same natural, relaxed look without on a more modern level. Add vintage pieces and design elements naturally throughout each room, for instance, give your brick fireplace a stone-faced makeover, or add reclaimed wood beams to your living room ceiling. The Spruce suggests adding a piece of vintage style furniture throughout your home to keep with the traditional farmhouse appeal, for instance, nestle a distressed wood sofa table up behind your sofa and outfit it with a gorgeous flower arrangement. A beautiful rustic chandelier will be a great focal point to the room while adding a touch of old style to your modern room, or for bedrooms, a nice vintage style bed can be paired with modern bedside tables and lamps.

Fabrics and textures

Farmhouses are all about layering textures, and the modern version is just the same. Textures make a room warm, welcoming and give off a relaxed vibe the moment you step in the room. When choosing textures, to keep to the true spirit of a farmhouse decor theme, stick to the idea that the look should model after a natural, country lifestyle. Leather, wood, natural stone, iron and other metals, are all part of a farmhouse life style. Toss a variety of throw pillows covered in a variety of materials on your sofa to add a beautiful, layer of textures, and without a doubt, a beautiful area rug over stunning hardwoods keeps the layers flowing, all the way to the floor.

Let metals shine in your home

Metal finishes have always been a part of most any decor theme, though many themes may have one particular finish that’s used throughout. When it comes to decorating your modern farmhouse, you get to have some fun with metal finishes because there are so many to choose from and you don’t have to choose just one. Iron, copper, and chrome are all modern farmhouse friendly, according to BHG. Mix and match these metals, for instance, iron looks great in places like a gorgeous rustic style chandelier over a table or master bed, and a sliding barn door outfitted with iron adds to the rustic charm, while chrome finishes on kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures spruces up these rooms, and they can be mixed with exposed copper piping or copper light fixtures hanging over a vanity.

Think clean not cluttered

When many people think of a traditional farmhouse, they may picture lots of light floral patterns, big chunky furniture pieces, and plenty of old vintage style country decor items displayed throughout each room. Modern country keeps things a bit more sophisticated and clean when it comes to decorating each room. Simple, natural and clean is the look you want to achieve and you can get this by adding small amounts of decor pieces in each room. A clear vase with one simple piece of greenery can add more than you might think, to a table or shelf, or a few vintage books stacked decoratively on a coffee table next to a chunky candle sitting on a modern style candle holder. Cluttering any space in a room detracts from the simple, naturalistic appeal modern farmhouse is going for, which is why Decoist suggests using decor pieces sparingly.

Modern farmhouse homes are some of the most inviting homes to walk into. You instantly feel the warmth and relaxed atmosphere, yet you can’t help but get wrapped up in the elegance of the decor. If you have been dying to give your home a beautiful modern farmhouse makeover, take a look at the next 20 gorgeous interior examples of the modern farmhouse look and get inspired for your home.

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