Check Out Rob Dyrdek’s New $8.5 Million Mulholland Estate

Rob Dyrdek has done it again. Just when fans thought he’d reached a pinnacle he went out and bought a third property in the prestigious Mulholland Estates community. The Dirt confirms that he dropped $8.5 million on the mansion, but would you believe it’s a fixer-upper? Dyrdek shared that the structure is going to need some work before it’s ready for occupancy. Although he doesn’t plan to hang on to the property, the fantastical home will become someone’s dream home. It’s a three-story structure with a unique porthole-like window aesthetic. The interiors feature contemporary and traditional decor with a high-end flavor of dark stained wood floors, sculpted moldings, high ceilings, and formal dining and living areas. The courtyard sits outside of the library accented with a lovely family room and tiled fountain and the kitchen features marble counters with a large island for preparing gourmet fare. French doors lead to the backyard of the estate. It’s worth noting that the home has seven bedrooms and 10 baths.

Dyrdek’s fascination with flipping

So far, Rob Dyrdek’s tally is near $24.3 million in outlay for the three Mulholland Estates properties he has acquired. He shelled out $6 million for a 6,800 square foot house and before that, he spent nearly $10 million on a parcel without a home on just 3.1 acres. According to Variety, the professional skateboarder turned entrepreneur has flipped quite a few places in recent years. He’s made a killing on some of the properties, but he’s also taken a financial pounding for some, such as the 2012 Mount Olympus deal. He is reported to have lost $334,000 when he finally unloaded the property. He’s sat on some big dollar estates for several years before they’ve sold, but that’s how it goes in real estate. Sometimes you make a profit and sometimes you take a loss. Based on his track record we’re going to be watching what happens with his three Mulholland properties in the years to come.

From skateboarder to multimillionaire

Dyrdek has shown us all just how far a skateboarder can get in life. It’s actually a smart move on his part because the 7,600 square foot mansion is a property that is distressed and in need of some TLC to restore it to its original glory. He stands to make a pretty penny on the real once the renovations are completed if all goes according to plan Rob got an early start on his career. He started skateboarding when he was 11 years old and within a year his skills were so impressive that he earned sponsorship. Inspiration Feed reports that he dropped out of high school when he was 16 to go into skateboarding as a professional full-time. He rode for the Droors clothing line, set some records, and in 2007, made it into the record books for a few of his amazing feats. Before setting these records, he broke into another profession

Television career

Dyrdek landed his first starring role in 2006. He was cast in “Rob and Big,” an MTV reality show. He went on a few years later to co-create “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.” He has also appeared in movie roles. He’s an established reality television personality as well, but he’s also branched out into screenwriting and television production.

Dyrdek is a money-making machine

Dyrdek has participated in a variety of professional career endeavors. he’s practically a serial entrepreneur. On top of his entertainment career, he established a business named Orion Trucks. He also owned a skate shop, a hip hop record label, and a shoe design company. he bought DNA Distribution but sold it back to the founders and he also founded a company called Dyrdek Machine.

Rob has made lucrative investments

While not all of the real estate Rob Dyrdek has made money, he’s invested in a variety of companies and ventures that help to offset any losses he sustains. Did you know that he co-founded Black Feather Whiskey? He also invested in Beach Whiskey and sits on its advisory board. Other notable investments include Ultracast, which he also co-founded, Beatbox Beverages UFC, and more.

What does the future hold for Dyrdek’s real estate business?

Dyrdek can afford to take chances in his real estate flipping business. It’s something that he’s been doing since 2008. He knows what he’s doing, and real estate can be a lot like gambling. As of now, he has three Mulholland Estates properties that need work before they’re going to be ready to move. Much will depend on how much he puts into the properties and how long he’s forced to sit on them. From what we can tell, Rob has no major worries. As of 2020, he had a net worth of $50 million and if he loses a few hundred thousand here and there, he’s going to land on his feet.

Final thoughts

Dyrdek’s Mulholland Estates properties are a part of his strategy to keep several irons in the fire at the same time. Although he’s had a history of losing big, This prestigious trio appears to have the potential to earn him a pretty penny. There isn’t much he hasn’t done when it comes to business, and this is just one more of his many entrepreneurial ventures. Rob has the luxury of plenty of resources to bring the properties up to speed for resale, but projects of this magnitude take time. Most of us are interested in knowing if he’s going to take another hit on the resale or if he will make a decent profit on his investments. We’re probably going to be waiting a few years to find out. In the meantime, he might just buy up a few more estates to add to his collection.

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