The 10 Best Serger Sewing Machines Money Can Buy

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When it comes to sewing, whether it be by hand or machine, some take it up as a hobby, while others do it as a profession. Regardless of the motives involved to embark on sewing projects, working with the best machines to do the job is essential to make sure it’s done properly. Even among the best-gifted sewers, if the machine doesn’t perform as well as it should, the end result of the product being made may not come out as good as it should.

Serger Sewing Machines

What sets premium serger sewing machines apart from the pack is how much easier it is to use between the threading access and the smoothness of the overall operation. Sewing machines have come a long way since the old pedal style that first the homes and shops in 1881. Originally called overlock sewing machines, the Merrow Machine Company developed technology as a means to improve the operations of their knitting mill they began in 1838. Not to be confused with regular sewing machines, serger machines have more than just a single thread and a single needle doing the job of stitching materials together. They also run much quicker than standard sewing machines as they can stitch at double the speed.

10. Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger Machine

If price really is no object, then the Brother Designio Series DZ1234 serger machine would be a good investment given what it can do. Already a favorite sewing machine of choice among professional seamsters, the ability to personalize creations seems endless as the machine comes with many accessories and is considered to be one of the best in the market.

9. Singer Professional 5 14T968 Serger

For professionals who take their sewing jobs seriously, Singer’s Pro 5 14T968 serger machine is one of the best options there is to ensure whatever job they do is done properly and with ease. It is one of the pricier serger sewing machines on the market, but the impressive 1300 stitches per minute speed, plus the five different threat techniques are just a few reasons why the price tag justifies what makes it worthwhile.

8. Janome 8002D Serger Machine

What makes a good serger sewing machine is the ease of its use, especially when it’s moved so often. Janome’s 8002D serger machine is solid, allowing a steady stitching process that is loaded with many advanced features. It is an incredibly easy enough machine to work with. It is a heavyweight, so portability may not be quite as easy, but as a solid machine that gets the job done, this would be it.

7. Janome MyLock 634D Overlock Serger

The thread overlock from the Janome MyLock634D serger sewing machine is designed for users who want to make the most out of their crafting investment. With scores of features and options, seamsters who are more experienced with overlock sewing techniques will find this serger machine especially useful.

6. Janome MOD-8933 Serger Machine

The options between the 3-thread and 4-threat conversions allow the seamster to choose the best setting for the chosen fabric to work with. The built-in elasticity in the stitches helps ensure that garments feel a comfortable, natural fit. On the market, the retractable upper knife allows the safe cutting of fabric. For sewing machine users who don’t feel like they need a special diploma to operate one, the Janome MOD-8933 serger would be the one to choose. It’s also a compact enough size that can easily sit in the sewing room without taking up any more space than it needs to.

5. Singer ProFinish 14CG754 Serger Machine

This heavyweight serger machine, namely the ProFinish 14CG754 by Singer, can handle the toughest sewing jobs there is. This portable serger machine is a good, solid sewer that is beginner-friendly, but at the same time more than adept to handle tasks only professional seamsters are trusted to do.

4. JUKI MO-1000 Push Button Serger

The push-button overlock that features a jet air looper provides an effortless threading experience as the power of its air is used to thread the JUKI MO-1000. The upper loop convert provides users the ability to use the 2-/3- thread conversion. Whenever needed, the knife can be deactivated to provide the sewer with more options while sewing. For more power, there is also the automatic rolled hemming.

3. Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger Machine

For the best dollar value as a serger machine, Brother’s 1034D features the 3/4 thread and remarkably fast stitching functions. It’s easy enough to use with foot control and comes with a number of accessories. Another nice feature is it uses traditional sewing needles, so should the need arise to replace them, they’re easy enough to come by. Compared to the majority of the serger sewing machines on the market, this is the most economically friendly as they’re typically priced no higher than $200 USD.

2. Brother ST4031HD Serger, Strong & Tough Serger

According to Best Reviews’ website, the Brother ST4041HD Serger sewing machine can sew at 1,3000 stitches per minute. The carbon steel blade is capable of handling heavier sewing tasks while at the same time handling more delicate fabrics that require a gentler touch.

1. JUKI MO654DE Portable Serger Sewing Machine

On a number of websites that offer reviews on the server sewing machines, JUKI’s MO654DE Portable Serger sewing machines are mentioned as the best money can buy more often than any other brands and their models, at least for the year 2021. Anything and everything a sewing enthusiast wants in such a machine have the following features that make it earn the right to be called the best serger sewing machine money can buy;

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