The 20 Best Online Curtain Stores To Choose From

Crate and Barrel

Curtains can do much more than simply add some privacy to your home. Choose the right ones, and you can make a big style statement and a focal point for your room. Curtains frame the natural light coming through the windows, lend a splash of color and texture to the room, and tie your decor together to create a more finished aesthetic. Bare windows might rapidly be becoming the norm, but the days of curtains are far from over. Regardless of whether your tastes run to the traditional or the modern, you’ll have no problem finding the right style for your needs. If you’d rather shop from the comfort of your armchair than traipse around a store, here are 20 of the best online curtain stores to choose from.

20. H&M

H&M might be your go-to for fast fashion. but it might be time to make it your go-to for home decor too. The curtain selection isn’t as vast as it is in specialist home decor stores, but there’s still a good range of options to choose between. The styles, like the clothes, tend to veer towards the trendy rather than the traditional, while the quality varies by price. People with big budgets and big expectations might be better shopping elsewhere, but if you want something cheap and cheerful, it’s an excellent option to consider. As another plus, the site is exceptionally easy to navigate, while the shipping options won’t leave you disappointed either.

19. The Shade Store

If you want to customize how your window treatments look to your exact specifications, you might want to do as My Domaine recommends and check out The Shade Store’s offerings. Rather than simply offering a selection of ready-made curtains to choose between, the store lets customers build their perfect drape from scratch, selecting everything from the material to the length to the finish of the mounting track. If you want to make the curtains blackout, add privacy panels, mount them on the ceiling rather than the wall, or anything else, you can. It’s slightly expensive, but for customers who don’t mind paying a little extra for a lot more, it’s an excellent option.

18. Home Depot

If you want a huge variety of options to choose from, Home Depot might be your best option. The styles in the selection tend to veer more towards the traditional than the contemporary, but if that suits your taste, you’ll be treated to almost 4000 options to choose between. The website is easy to navigate, letting you filter the options by color, style, pattern, light-filtering, or customer rating. Prices are very reasonable, while the shipping options are excellent.

17. Bolé Road Textiles

Bolé Road Textiles was founded by Ethiopia-born interior designer Hana Getachew with the aim of introducing Ethiopian handwoven fabrics to American households. The range is exquisite, and includes a good selection of curtains that are guaranteed to add a splash of unique flair to any room they’re added to. Expect pops of color, graphic designs, and superb quality material. All of the curtains in the range are made from 100% cotton, resulting in a light, airy quality but still enough density to offer excellent privacy. They’re a touch on the expensive side, but more than worth it.

16. Walmart

If you’re looking for affordable curtains, Walmart might be the answer. Their online store carries a vast range of options that can be sorted by room, brand, style, and customer rating. Unlike many stores, it carries an excellent selection of curtains for kids’ rooms in a good variety of fun colors and funky designs. Prices are reasonable, and there’s the option to order online and pick up in-store to cut down on shipping times.

15. Parachute

If you’re a fan of Parachute’s elegant designs, you’re in luck. The store has recently added a new window treatment line that’s perfect for customers who can’t get enough of the brand’s signature style. The range is small but exquisite, consisting of a variety of linen curtains available in the core colors of white and chambray grey. If you appreciate causal elegance, high-end quality, and affordable prices, it’s well worth checking out.

14. Linoto

If you like the aesthetic of linen curtains, Linto could be your ideal match. The company specializes in linen products for the home, including curtains. They aren’t cheap, but the timeless style is hard to beat. Each set of curtains is made to order in the US, giving you the chance to customize the finished design to your exact specifications. You can choose between a choice of 23 shades, and have the option to add your choice of finishing touches, whether that’s fabric loops or metal grommets. The site is easy to navigate, while the customer service is said to be exceptional.

13. Kohl’s

As you’d expect of a large department store like Kohl’s, its selection of curtains is vast… and somewhat surprising, with curtains from everyone from Arm & Hammer to Brookstone. Much like the physical store, the website isn’t the easiest to navigate, but if you persevere, you’re sure to find some gems along the way. Prices vary widely, offering plenty of choice on both the budget and high-end sides of the spectrum.

12. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn does a lot more than just trunks. Its range of curtains is excellent, offering customers who prefer shabby chic, farmhouse-inspired designs plenty of options to choose from. The selection of materials is excellent and includes fabrics like silk and Belgian flax linen that can be hard to source elsewhere. If you have very specific requirements (or maybe just very hard to fit windows), the company offers a made-to-order service. The prices are slightly steep, with most curtains costing around $100 plus. However, there’s usually a good assortment of items on sale if your budget is tight. If you’re searching for curtains for your kid’s bedroom, check out the selection at Pottery Barn Kids.

11. Urban Outfitters

If your style is a little eclectic, Urban Outfitters could be just the store for you. Expect beaded designs, tassels, bright jewel tones, crushed velvet, and sheer florals. If you prefer a slightly less bold design, there’s also a good selection of curtains in solid colors to browse. You won’t find much to choose from if your taste runs to the traditional, but if cute and fun are your keywords, you’ll love the selection. Best of all, the range is incredibly affordable, so if you decide you’d rather something a little plainer down the line, you won’t have to spend a fortune to replace them.

10. Crate & Barrel

Like everything else in the Crate & Barrel catalog, its selection of curtains is chic, minimalist, and very contemporary. If you like floral patterns, bows, and flounces, this isn’t the place for you. If you like bright whites and bold geometric patterns, you’ll love it. The site is exceptionally easy to navigate, and while the prices are on the high side, there’s often a good selection of discounted products to browse.

9. West Elm

If you like the farmhouse-inspired, shabby chic styles of Pottery Barn and Anthropologie but are looking for something a little more adventurous, there’s a very good chance you’re going to like what West Elm has to offer. Options can be filtered depending on whether you prefer solid colors or patterned curtains. The selection of materials on offer is excellent, with a good selection of hard-to-find materials like velvet, silk, and flax.

8. Bed Bath & Beyond

As USA Today says, curtains are one of the few things that apply to all three parts of Bed Bath & Beyond’s name. After all, every window needs a curtain, and fortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond has plenty to choose from. Their website is a breeze to navigate, while the separate categories for standard panel curtains, door curtains, and kitchen/bathroom curtains make it easy to narrow down the options. Prices are reasonable, but if you want to make them even better, be savvy and sign up for Bed Bath & Beyond’s coupons to save a few dollars on your purchase.

7. Anthropologie

Anthropologie might be best known as a clothing store, but its range of accessories and home decor is excellent. It’s not for everyone (the aesthetic that drives its clothing line is very much in evidence in its other products), but if you can’t resist a bit of boho chic, you’ll find plenty of options to choose between. The prices are slightly on the high side, but the quality of the curtains justifies the blowout.

6. Half Price Drapes

If you’ve got bare windows but an empty wallet, Half Price Drapes could be just the store you need. As the name suggests, the prices are excellent. The quality is similarly impressive, while the variety of curtains on offer is jaw-dropping. There’s plenty of options made from hard-to-find materials like velvet and silk, along with a good selection of extra wide curtains for hard-to-fit windows. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, the company offers a made-to-order service that lets you customize your purchase down to the quarter inch. If you’re torn between a couple of different fabrics, you can request free swatches to help you finalize your decision. Shipping is free.

5. Joss & Main

Joss & Main offers an excellent selection of styles, each of which is available in a variety of colors. Together with standard window curtains, they also offer shades, blinds and thermal curtains. Curtain rods and hardware are available separately, letting you customize the final look. The prices are on the high end, but so is the quality. Sales come up frequently – sign up to their newsletter to get advance notice on any upcoming promotions.

4. Amazon

As The Spruce notes, Amazon is a go-to for all of your home decor needs, and curtains are no exception. Every variety of window treatment under the sun is on offer, from blackout curtains to kitchen valances, waterproof outdoor drapes to Disney-inspired kid’s curtains. The options are wide enough to cater to every budget and taste, while the opportunity to read customer reviews of the products is a very handy addition.

3. Overstock

If you want variety, variety is exactly what you’ll get with Overstock. With over 4,500 options for curtains and drapes to choose between, the chance of you not being able to find something you like is next to none. Prices start at a tiny $10 and extend all the way up to $800, making it a viable option regardless of budget. The site is easy to navigate and includes filters to sort by price, length, light filtration, and even sound reduction or thermal insulation.

2. Etsy

Recommended by Home Stratosphere as one of the best places to shop online for curtains, Etsy is ideal for people who’d rather skip the generic offerings of big stores and try something a little more unique. Regardless of what kind of design, material, size, color, or pattern you want, there’s a very good chance someone, somewhere is making it and selling it on Etsy. On an average day, there are around 120,000 plus options on the site’s curtain page, giving you plenty of options to consider. Custom orders are often offered, depending on the seller, and prices are usually reasonable. There’s also the option to check out reviews from past customers so you can be confident in your purchase.

1. Wayfair

As says, when it comes to home goods, you can’t do much better than Wayfair. The online giant carries a slew of products, from blackout curtains to waterproof outdoor curtains, guaranteeing that whatever your tastes and requirements, you’ll find something to suit. The website is easy to navigate, while the customer images that show the curtains in real life will give you a better sense of what they’ll look like hanging in your own home than a studio shoot will. Prices, as you’d expect, are very reasonable, while the speed of shipping is unlikely to cause any complaints.

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