The 10 Best Garage Design Software Solutions


A garage plays a vital role in a property. It is advisable to create an excellent garage with adequate space to park your vehicles and keep workshop items and equipment like lawnmowers in it. To help you figure out what you can do with your garage, you should take advantage of the many free and paid garage software programs available. Free options provide you with an idea of what you can do to organize your garage. They are more rudimentary when it comes to how you can use them, but they all have basic features to assist you in getting started with designing your garage in a better way. Many paid options get into the more technical aspects of designing a garage. A paid version is suitable when you need extra features as you design a garage that can work well for you. Furthermore, if the garage is part of an overall house design you are working on, a paid version can handle your build’s details. It is essential to consider the available options and determine the right choice. As you search for garage design software, make sure you understand what you want to get out of a program that can fit in with your needs. The following are 10 of the best garage design software solutions available.

10. RoomSketcher

This software is designed to meet different design needs. It works perfectly with a drawing tablet, but you can do all the sketching features through it if you prefer to do so. You can use RoomSketcher to create 2-and 3-dimensional floor plans. You can organize additional directions based on what you find necessary. This will allow for a better organization that can help you obtain precise measurements for the garage. It would help if you used it carefully to have more control over your design plan. This software is available in free and paid versions. The free version does not provide many features. The paid version offers 3-dimensional floor plans, personalized setups, and scale designs. You can also use it on most operating systems and mobile devices. This software allows users to add various virtual environments, but only for representative purposes. Additional work is required to help users in figuring out how particular items may fit into a garage while designing it.

09. American Garage Builders

This company is based in northern Illinois and has a web-based software program to help users review how they are going to design their garage. This is a rudimentary option that concentrates more on how homeowners can organize the garage. According to Home Stratosphere, this software is primarily designed with the intention of planning more intensive design projects. You need to consider the measurements of what you will place in the garage when using the program to have an extra idea of how well the design will appear in the end. The program also does not place specialized kinds of garages into consideration. However, this might help if you are attempting to build a completely new garage. You need to watch carefully to determine how it is organized. With this software, you can select the size of your garage and drag several items into it. You have the option to choose from motorcycles, vehicles, benches, and bicycles of different sizes. You can also select the placement of doors of various sizes. This option is not high-tech, but it functions well to provide users with an image of how their garage will look. If you are beginning to design a garage and you are not yet ready for the small detail, this is an excellent program to begin with.

08. Floor planner

This software is not garage-specific because it provides users with an excellent way to design interactive floor plans, but it works excellently with garages. One of the benefits of this software is that users can choose both 2- and 3-dimensional rendering. Floor planner has an application that works for the iPad and iPhone, which you can review your plans. To use this software, ensure that your PC has the appropriate power to support it. Otherwise, the PC will hang up. It runs on a computer using a browser, but it also has an application version that supports iPads and iPhones. This feature enables users to view their plans anywhere and is highly useful when buying supplies and materials. You can sign up for a free basic version of this software, and it covers a single project (a property with several levels). A paid version is available, but you might not need it.

07. Big Hammer

This is an internet-based, easy-to-use software that takes garage design seriously. You do not need much experience to design a functional and appealing garage with it. Big Hammer offers several click and drag options, and you can check your design in 3-dimensional mode. One of the advantages of this software is that users can select from multiple construction materials to get real options while going along. The software has numerous videos to assist users in getting along with the process. According to Designing Idea, Big Hammer is highly detailed, and it provides numerous ready-made components, materials, design elements, and finishes that may be necessary when designing a garage. You can select from many materials based on real product catalogs. The software includes a realistic pricing list for all the construction materials you place in your drawing. Furthermore, the plans indicate the sizes of lumber that you need, posts, flooring, doors, and windows. With this software, you can ensure that your garage design is a precise depiction of a space that meets your specific requirements. Big Hammer is based on Internet Explorer, which may be a disadvantage for some individuals.

06. Sketchup

This is one of the premier garage design planners on the market. A free version and multiple paid versions are available. As its name suggests, you can sketch what you are thinking, and the sketch will be rendered into a model while you continue with your sketch. With this software, you can choose from a large design item library. This includes different benches, door styles, windows, and items to place in your garage. SketchUp’s site comes with extensive training. Therefore, you can learn as much you want about using the software. A blog where you can connect with other users and SketchUp staff is also available. The free version of this software allows users to perform three-dimensional remodeling in their web browser. Google once owned this software.

05. Easy garage

This is a free garage design software that offers many outstanding garage layouts, cabinetry, and storage ideas. You can purchase pre-designed options or design your own using the software. After designing your ideal garage, you can order the design. You can use the software to play around with ideas and then determine what else is available. This means that if you love a specific design that you create, you can order all the components you place together from Easy Garage Storage. The process followed, from designing your garage to placing your order, is seamless. The company behind this software has been successfully designing closets for many years and has branched recently into garage storage.

04. SmartDraw

This software was designed for the home remodeling business, and it is ideal for both residential and commercial users. You can use it to easily come up with a precise layout plan of any garage you want to remodel. According to Fix the Photo, this software is ideal for working with charts and diagrams. It helps different companies in managing their charting processes using defined templates to create network projects, infographics, organizational charts, and mind maps, among other items. The software’s main features include custom extensions, document storage, single sign-on, and team collaboration. With SmartDraw, you can use automated sizing, spacing, color schemes, and alignment to create architectural diagrams. Its formatting tools enable users to automatically transform the shape of diagrams by deleting, adding, and moving structure formats. It provides in-built extensions that allow users to translate data sources into class diagrams through VisualScript SDK.

03. CADPro

This is a 3D design program that can take simple and complex layouts. It has a set of interactive features that can assist users in formulating a detailed design idea without putting in a lot of effort. Its dimension module works well with the intelligent snap tools to ensure accurate design. The high accuracy tools automatically align parallels and locate tangents and intersections. Furthermore, you can relocate the icons to ensure convenient access. CADPro is popular because it is easy to sketch diagrams using it, and several features make this happen. You can also use it to download free plans to remodel the layout as you need. Alternatively, you can choose a sketch-tracing tool that provides life-like tracing. To do this, you can sketch the plan with your hands, scan it and then upload it on the software. The software will convert the sketch automatically into a traceable template that can be Fur modified. Photo tracing enables you to do that using a scanned photograph. When it comes to detailing, the integrated library comprises furniture, equipment, and fixtures with adjustable dimensions and parameters. Finally, you can make the finished design more descriptive using audio, text, and special visual effects.

02. Chief Architect

This is an excellent tool you can use to visualize your entire house design plans, including the garage. According to Architecture Lab, you can use this software to design light-duty commercial structures. It offers a streamlined design process meant to expedite the process of creating layouts for both experts and novices. Chief Architect has 3-dimensional design tools that provide users with a realistic view of the textures, materials, and colors they want to use. It is also possible to change from day to night views. As you design a floor plan, you can quickly arrange and place walls, windows, and doors. The software also comes with pre-designed plans to assist users. When you make any change, such as moving a wall, the program adjusts the framing, foundation, and roof automatically to accommodate that change. Chief Architect has a section to help you walk through the process of designing a garage. You can select vehicle sizes, floor plans, and fixtures to place in the garage. You will not get lost in technology. A cost calculator is also available based on the choices you make. The program gives users control over how well they can design their garage based on the items they want to add to it. It works with a better arrangement for more technical points. You can even use it to determine how large your garage’s cabinets should be.

01. Virtual Architect

You can use Virtual Architect to design and remodel any part of your house. It can help you to establish new plans for every room. You can also use it to organize the fixtures you will use in your residence and how they can be placed around a surface. Furthermore, you can use it to arrange the physical dimensions of a garage or other room in terms of length, height, and other essential features. To design your garage using this software, you can upload an image of your existing garage into it. The design wizard allows users to import photos into the software in any format directly. The design wizard analyzes the image to obtain an approximate idea of the present layout. At that point, you can adjust your garage’s individual features to include new areas and spots. You can even use Virtual Architect to obtain a full 3-dimensional walk-through of your garage after you design it. The full view can enable you to obtain a clear idea of how well the garage will appear, and what will come out of the garage while preparing it. This software is suitable if you want to personalize your garage’s layout without spending much time coming up with a plan from scratch. You can use it on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. With Virtual Architect, you can add more details to your garage design when it comes to customizing the storage systems, building materials, flooring, lighting, and paint, among other features. There are stains and fabrics from the leading national brands in the library.


When you plan to design your home’s garage, you need software that can work best for you. You might get by with the free options named above. If you need more features, the paid options are ideal. All the options above are ideal for most needs.

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