20 Shining Examples of Asymmetry in Interior Design

Balance is one of the things most people strive for in life. You strive to balance work with your home life, fun with downtime, and so on. Balance is also something many people want to create in their home décor. There is a lot to be said about balance in the way you decorate your home. It makes your home feel complete, organized, it gives an overall visual appeal to a room. There are three separate types of balance in decorating and they breakdown like this:

  • Asymmetrical/casual balance – The asymmetrical type of décor theme is casual in appearance yet, balances out your furniture and décor items without having to mimic piece by piece. An example of asymmetrical balance would be to have a sofa with an end table on one side with a floor lamp on the other. There is no exact duplication of the room or furniture, but more of a casual placement of items around the room so that it is balanced, but not to exaction.
  • Symmetrical/formal balance – When most people think of symmetrical design techniques, they picture more elegant and formal rooms that use larger pieces of furniture, or more furniture where you can take half of the furniture and mirror it against itself. In this décor form, you take half the room, decorate it, and then mirror this appearance on the other side of the room so that each side mimics each other.
  • Radial balance This is the least used type of balancing a look and design of a room. It involves setting similar items in an area, such as you would find on a dining room table.

Symmetrical design themes make it easy for the brain to process the décor idea when someone walks into a room. It is pleasing to the eye, because it makes sense. The brain doesn’t have to try to process the way the room is set up and what the pieces mean or how they fit. A symmetrical set-up can appear to be a bit more stuffy than the asymmetrical design theme, but both are a way of keeping any room, neat, with clean lines, non-chaotic, and simply decorated.

If you want to see other ideas in design asymmetry, take a look at the following 20 shining examples of asymmetry in design ideas to inspire your decorating endeavors.

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