20 Beautiful Uses of Decorative Columns Inside The Home

Columns have always been viewed as beautiful architectural structures that add bold character to a home. While some columns are put in the home as a weight bearing structure that is needed for the space, some are added simply for style and character alone. When designing a home, columns are one design element that are often not thought of, or overlooked as a means of adding a major focal point and dramatic character to a room. Whether you already have columns in your home, or are considering having some columns added to a room or two for a more dramatic appeal, here are some things to consider before transforming your room.

Columns with high ceilings

Are you looking for a way to add a dramatic appeal on a grandeur scale to a large room with high ceilings? Filling all that space can seem like a big task, but there are few ways to accomplish this more spectacularly than with beautiful, architecturally detailed columns. According to freshome.com , if you are in the process of building your home and actively play a role in the design planning, you should discuss your idea of including columns with the architect or structural engineer. Planning where the columns will be placed can dramatically affect the way a room looks and feels, so the earlier you plan for the addition of columns, the better the chance of being able to structurally design the room to include them.

Choose the material for your columns

Planning ahead for your columns not only may allow you to choose their location in the home, not only which room(s), and where in the room you’d like them to be, but most likely you’ll also be able to choose the material their constructed of.  Freshome suggests following your home decor theme when choosing the material for your columns. A couple examples would be columns for rustic and industrial style homes. Large rustic style log columns can be a great way to add a touch of outdoor charm to a rustic style cabin or modern rustic home. Columns constructed out of cement are a perfect way to create a beautiful focal point in the living room of an industrial style home.

Add Faux columns to customize your home

Despite your home not having been designed with columns already in place in your home, you can still beautify your home with the look of beautiful columns, that remarkable design element that can totally transform your home. By adding faux columns to a room, such as your living room, entryway, or kitchen, faux columns can serve as more than just an added boost of charisma for the room, but it will give your room an aesthetic appeal and can serve as a separation point for rooms and spaces where open-floor plans might leave too much open space for your taste. One recommendation from turncraft.com is to consider adding columns as a way to include a kitchen island in your kitchen and give it a unique look that makes it stand out.

Using columns as a decor element

Columns in a home don’t have to stand alone as a lone element to create a dramatic effect in a room, or mark a separation point between two rooms, but they can also be used as a frame for another prominent focal point in a room. Picture a beautiful set of eye-catching built-in bookcases in stunning living room, or a spectacular fireplace that sets off a room. Now picture these eye-catching focal points framed with a set of ornamental, decorative columns. Freshome suggests using columns to frame an array of decor or architectural elements in a room, from bookcases to fireplaces, entertainment centers and even art pieces.

Columns outside

As beautiful as columns are on the inside of homes, they can also be used outdoors to create a beautiful, aesthetic look for your veranda, around a pool, or any other outdoor area. Break up open spaces with the use of columns to create individual spaces. Or just create a more dramatic look and feel to your outdoor areas that would otherwise have limited visual appeal.

If you’re looking for a way to add more dramatic effect to your home’s architectural design or your outdoor areas, consider adding columns to your home, whether you are working on a new home plan, or planning to do a little remodeling of your existing home. Talk to your architect or contractor about the prospects of including a few columns in your plans to spice up the the look of your home. For some great ideas on columns for inside your home, take a look at the following 20 beautiful 20 beautiful uses of decorative columns inside the home.

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