10 Things to Hang on a Wall That Aren’t Frames

Looking to spice up your walls with something a little different from the norm? Then forget about frames and introduce some variety into your home with a new approach to accessorizing. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our list of the “Top 10 Things to Hang on a Wall That Aren’t Frames” … we can’t promise they’ll change your life, but they’ll certainly do a lot to improve your walls.

1. Lights

As Apartment Therapy notes, a series of small fairy lights can look gorgeous, adding a warm glow and more than a hint of romance. In the bedroom, try dangling several loops of tiny bulbs (keep them white unless you want to go for the day-go party look) above the bed for a lovely effect. If you have a wall in the living room you’d like to turn into a feature, a continuous string of lights running along the length will light it up beautifully, not to mention add a touch of coziness.

2. Plants

Plants aren’t just for the windowsill. Living walls make a vibrant, stunning statement that’s sure to make you the envy of all your neighbors. Although the choice of plant is really down to personal preference and what’ll work best with your décor, its best to look for plants that can be grown without soil – succulents and herbs make a great choice in that respect. Although they can be made to work in any room, living walls make a particularly great choice in the kitchen – fill a wall with your favorite herbs and you’ll have constant access to fresh, homegrown greens that you can simply pluck and use whenever the occasion calls.

3. Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall… rather than simply being a way of checking your reflection, mirrors can make a great way of decorating a blank wall. Group a selection of mirrors of various sizes and shapes together to create an eye-popping feature. Best of all, their light-reflecting qualities will work wonders at making a small, dark space seem instantly larger and brighter.

4. Blankets

Don’t reserve your blankets for the bed. Hung from a wall, they can make a big, bold statement, adding that touch of personal flair that never goes out of style. The best thing is that blankets come in such a variety of styles, you’re almost guaranteed to find one that complements your existing décor. As they’re usually inexpensive, you’ll also have the option to buy a couple and rotate them, maybe by season, maybe by occasion, or maybe just by how quickly you get bored.

5. Plates

Plates aren’t just for the dining table. Grouped together, they can make a great focal point to the room. Scour your local thrift shop for any unusual or unique pieces you can find. Variety is the key to getting the best look here, so look for plates of varying sizes, designs, and styles… even if they look like they won’t match, grouped together, the overriding theme will give it a pulled-together look.

6. Tapestries

You don’t have to live in a castle to get the benefit of a tapestry wall hanging. With a wide selection available in pretty much every color, texture, and pattern imaginable, they make a unique focal point to any room. Situation is everything when it comes to tapestries, so be sure to choose a spot that’ll make the most of this unique piece. Sizes can vary, but for a real hit of drama, opt for the largest both your budget and the room will allow.

7. Carpets

It may seem unnatural to string a carpet or rug across your wall rather than the floor, but don’t underestimate just how effective it can look. Obviously, it’s best (and a lot more budget-friendly) to opt for small scale rugs over room-sized affairs, but feel free to go as big and dramatic as you and your wallet feel comfortable with. Thanks to their availability in a wide selection of textures, colors, and sizes, you can really customize this look as and how you feel fit: go big and bold with color and pattern for an eye-popping look, or keep things understated with neutral colors and a subtle pattern.

8. Hooks

No, we’re not suggesting you hang a couple of hooks on your wall and leave it at that- although a lot can be excused in the name of “art”, a row of empty hooks is probably one of the few things that can’t. But hung as a collective and used to display beautifully patterned scarfs, hats, or swathes of gorgeously luxurious silks and velvets, they make a great solution to a blank expanse. The trick to getting this look right is not only choosing the right objects to display but grouping the hooks in the most effective way possible. Rather than keeping to linear lines, get creative with circles, triangles… anything that looks right based on both the space and what you intend to hang.

9. Shelves

Pop a few shelves up and not only will you help fill a boring expanse of wall, but you’ll also get a convenient and attractive way to display photos, ornaments, plates, vases, plants… you name it. As with hooks, the trick is to space the shelves in a way that not only makes the most of what you plan to showcase but which fills the wall most effectively. Sometimes, a series of small shelves in a horizontal line works well. Other times, a vertical drop is best. Work with the space you have to determine the best arrangement for you.

10. Wallpaper

Fancy making one wall of your room a real focal point? Then do as BHG recommends and head to the store for some decorative wallpaper. A room entirely clothed in a bold print can be a bit much (not to mention cost you heaven and earth). Keep the bold design to one wall in four, however, and the end result will be pleasing on both your wallet and your eye.

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