The Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow for Interior Design

The internet has made everything easy; from communication to business. Still, not everyone has been able to make use of this technology to their advantage. While some only update the rest of the world on personal matters, others have taken the internet to advance their careers by letting the world know of their skills. Instagram accounts offer users the advantage of posting videos and photographs, and for interior designers, this is major since customers love to see what you are promising you can deliver. You can find many options, but the top Instagram accounts to follow for interior design tips:

1. Hilton Carter

If you prefer decorating your home with plants, then this is the Instagram account follow that you should follow. Hilton Carter is a visual storyteller and creator of green interiors. Besides using the plants as decor, the accessories that come with them such as pots also become part of the interior design with Hilton making comments like “Behind every great plant is a great pot.” Hilton posts beautiful images of plants which portray his ability to display the beauty found in nature.

2. Brady Tolbert

Brady Tolbert is in a class of his own not only helping his followers transform their spaces with unique ideas he posts on his account, but he is also a stylist. When vintage is your thing, but you still want to make your home feel like it is not outdated, Bradley provides all the guidance you need. Besides, if you love some DIYs, you will find plenty of them here.

3. Scandinavian homes

Based in Stockholm, this interior designer is one to follow for anyone who prefers neutral colors in their spaces. Understanding complex simplicity is a challenge for most people, but when you do, Scandinavian homes helps you create a beautiful space. Besides, if minimal designs are among your favorite, Scandinavian Homes shed guidance on how to accomplish them.

4. Studio McGee

With about 848,000 followers, Studio McGee has inspired many with the projects it posts on its Instagram account. If you are a lover of natural lighting, the beautiful images on this account will attract you with the large and well-designed windows that allow light and air to flow into your home. Moreover, they only post high-quality photos and videos so you can be sure that you get to see what the project is all about.

5. Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is not only a designer but also an artist, which may be the reason why her work involves lots of bright colors. Patterns can change the entire look and feel of a room, and Justina shows you how to integrate patterned décor with tiles, rugs and other accessories. She supports a maximalist design so if that is what you are interested in then you should join her growing number of 345k followers.

6. Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis of Amber interiors has 683k followers who must love her photos displaying elevated designs whether in the kitchen, living room or any other room. Further, if you like what you see, you can visit her brick-and-mortar store for some shopping or her design office for face-face interior designing advice.

7. Joyce Downing Pickens

Joyce of JDP Interiors has been doing interior designing since 2011, and she has gathered lots of experience in the field as well as professional education by attending a professional designation program. With that, she has been able to utilize her knowledge to mix organic materials, rich textures and neutral colors to come up with interior designing concepts that will interest you.

8. Mdzeiner

Although she labels herself as an interior architect student in her profile, she has been able to have at least 28k people follow her maybe because her ideas are fresh and in a world where copy pasting has been embraced, originality is something that makes her stand out from the rest. Her posts are ever so unique that you might become an obsessive follower who cannot wait for the next picture.

9. Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah Brent prefers combining the old with the new to create gorgeous interior design spaces. His style is one of a kind in that it is well throughout and aims to tell a story. If you need some fashion advice, Jeremiah will inspire with his impeccable dressing too.

10. Athena Calderone

Athena Calderone is not only an interior designer but an entertaining expert and culinary and visual storyteller. She can combine all these skills in designing such that when you need inspiration for hosting a dinner party and portray your stylish décor while serving your guest with finesse, she is the person to follow for a dose of inspiration.

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