What Kind of Sheets Should You Use for Futons?


Futons are mattresses that can be folded to make a bed or couch, which makes them confusing. In most homes, people do not put any cover on their couches, yet beds require covers. Since most people use them as beds, it would help if you got some sheets. Sheets are very important for your futon. First, sheets protect your futons from dust. Since they are used as beds, they also generate as much dust as beds. According to Apartment Therapy, dust emanates from skin cells, dust mites, and bedding fibers. Cleaning a dusty futon is harder since you will need to vacuum it. Additionally, futon sheets decorate your futon. That means you will have to choose sheets with the right colors that fit the futon well, do not wrinkle, and so on. Now that you know the importance of sheets, it is time to get the right sheets for futons. Below are some of the sheets you can use for your futon.

5. DHP Microfiber Sheet

The sheet is made with brushed microfiber. One thing that stands out about microfiber sheets is their softness. According to The Sleep Judge, microfiber is soft because it contains multiple materials and finely woven thread. Due to its softness, you are guaranteed comfort throughout the night. Most people resent doing their laundry through hand-washing. Usually, people resort to this washing method since not all sheets should be washed with a washing machine. Fortunately, this sheet can be washed in a washing machine. So, you do not need to worry about common mishaps like the washing machine overflowing or the sheet shrinking.

4. Novogratz 4-Piece Futon Sheet Set

Sometimes, one sheet is not enough for your futon. You may need another sheet or more pillowcases. Fortunately, Novogratz does not sell their sheets as stand-alone. According to Amazon, their set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. A struggle most homeowners face is finding the right sheet for their futon. It is not uncommon for people to buy sheets that are too long or too short for their futons. However, you will not have to face this struggle if you already own a Novogratz futon. Novogratz figured out a way of designing their sheets to fit any futon made by them. These sheets also excel in terms of visual appeal. They are available in four shades of blue. People tend to think of blue as merely a color, but it triggers certain emotions in us.

3. Alyvia Spring Stretch Fitted Sheet

At one point, you may have owned a sheet that could not stretch far enough. Whenever you stretched it, one corner would come off, and you would again try to cover that end. This sheet puts an end to this problem since it is a four-way-stretch sheet. The sheet can stretch as far as possible since it is made with an athletic-grade elastic band. So, you do not need to keep tucking the sheet or buying clips. Most sheets are designed exclusively for futons. However, this sheet can cover other furniture items besides your futon. For example, you can use it to cover couches or bed mattresses regardless of their size. Cotton is considered a comfortable material by default. However, this sheet is softer than cotton, making it very comfortable. The beauty of this sheet is that it is ideal for both summer and winter. So, you will never find the sheet too warm or too cold for you.

2. Easy-Going Stretch Armless Futon Cover

This sheet is superior due to the fabrics used to make it. The sheet is made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Polyester is a material resistant to wrinkles, resistant to stains, and dries quickly when washed. On the other hand, spandex has great elasticity, is resistant to perspiration, and is durable. Also, the sheet is machine washable. However, you have to be keen when washing it. For instance, you should ensure the temperature remains at around thirty degrees Celsius. If you exceed the temperature, the sheet will soon fade. There is, however, no harm in washing the sheet below thirty degrees Celsius. As earlier stated, it is resistant to wrinkles. So, you do not have to iron the sheet. However, if you feel compelled to do so, you must be careful when setting the iron box’s temperature. Polyester has a low tolerance to high temperatures, so you are likely to burn this sheet even at warm temperatures. So, as a rule of thumb, do not iron any polyester sheets.

1. Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

This sheet is made of 100% polyester, hence more advantageous than the previous sheet made with 85% polyester. Since it is fully polyester, it is very elastic. That means the sheet can assume its previous shape immediately after you stretch it. So, you can turn as much as you want in the futon since it will cling to the futon. Therefore, you do not need to worry about waking up with a sheet on the ground. Also, the sheet is safe since it meets OEKO-TEX standards. You will know that by seeing a label on it written, “Standard 100.” By meeting OEKO-TEX standards, the sheet’s fabric has been tested for harmful substances. Many companies make their sheets with toxic substances like Alidicarb and formaldehyde. These substances keep the sheet wrinkle-free, but they are carcinogenic. Luckily, this sheet does not contain any toxins.


If you use your futon as a couch, you may not need a sheet. However, if you are an interior design enthusiast, you will find the futon without a sheet less appealing. Though they are visually appealing, you should use futons because of their protectiveness. A protective sheet should be able to cover all corners of your futon. Remember, dust can get into a futon through a small gap left uncovered by the non-elastic sheet. So, you should go with the brand you trust for a stretchy material. Also, check the material used to make the sheet. A sheet that can cover your futon will thus be appealing and protective.

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