10 Questions to Ask Your Local Roofing Company


With many roofing companies out there, determining who does their job right the first time can be daunting. Anyone can claim they’re skilled and experienced in roofing, but it isn’t advisable to gamble your chances. The worst part is that most States have little to no restrictions as far as roofing standards are concerned. Here are ten questions to ask your local roofing company to avoid getting duped.

1. How long have you conducted roofing business?

This question is one of the most important because it helps you separate the wheat from the chaff. All roofing companies must start from scratch, making it difficult to trust one that’s new to the business. A quick search on the internet makes it easier to determine whether reputable companies have been in business for years from startups. Unfortunately, some roofing contractors might claim that they’ve served in the industry for many years, getting you more confused. In that case, it’s crucial to reach out to their previous clients about how good their services are.

2. Who will be the hands-on person for the job?

According to All Exteriors Inc., reputable roofing companies designate specific employees, from supervisors to handypersons, who will conduct the project. Therefore, ensure you ask where they plan to source their materials and which specific person will come to your home. The earlier you familiarize yourself with the hands-on person, the better, for your peace of mind. Asking this question is crucial because you want to know who to call should any problem arise or need an expert opinion regarding your roof.

3. Why should I choose you for the job?

Here is where your local company should sell itself through a sales pitch. According to Hippo Roof, this question might attract many answers.

4. Do you have any credentials to prove you are legit?

Roofing installation, repair, and maintenance are sensitive projects, making it essential to verify if your local roofing company is licensed, bonded, and insured. A reputable roofing company should acquire licensure from the local State. An insurance policy is also vital should anything go wrong. They should provide these documents to prove they have the permission to conduct roofing projects. If you notice that they’re hesitant to show you the documents, you don’t have to hire them. Many reports about roofing contractors who’ve fallen from the roof and sued the house or property owner. In other cases, roofing tools and materials might get lost while the project progresses, leaving the owner to foot the costs. Avoid these risks by asking them to present proof of licensure and insurance.

5. What will you use to conduct the roofing project?

Various tools and materials are required for roofing projects, so it’s crucial to know which ones the contractor plans to use. For example, if you want to install a shingle roof, find out its properties and compare it with other materials. Use the internet to check out their features, warranties, and prices to familiarize yourself with the vast materials. If the roofing company can prove that what you’ve chosen suits your location, the more at ease you will feel.

6. How long will the project take?

This question requires a straightforward answer because a project that takes more than the days you agreed upon can inconvenience your life. A good roofing company should be realistic and state the number of days or weeks it’ll take to conduct the project, so you can find somewhere else to relocate to. Plus, a lengthened project attracts extra costs. So, be sure to ask when they will start once you enter an agreement and how long it’ll take.

7. Do you have a roofing guarantee?

The roofing business is a home improvement project that shouldn’t rely on verbal promises alone. A contractor can rush the project and leave many mistakes, negatively impacting your insurance money. According to Bill Ragan Roofing Company, it’s imperative to ask them for a copy of their guarantee or warranty when posing this question. A good warranty should have the ideal time length to help you gauge its performance.

8. Will my property be safe while you’re on the job?

While you might expect a straightforward answer to this question, all roofing contractors will promise to respect and protect your property while on the job. If the answer is a yes, ask how they plan to go about it. For example, you can ask what time they’ll be reporting for the job and if there are any noises to expect. Another crucial question is if they’ll need to use your bathroom or parking space so that you can plan your way around them.

9. Do you have any reviews or recommendations from your previous clients?

News about a roofing company’s services spreads so fast, and that’s why reviews from previous clients are crucial. The reality is clients express their satisfaction or disappointment to help others know about the said company. A good roofing company should leave a section for clients to give star ratings, depending on how they felt about the service, and talk about their overall satisfaction with the project.

10. What are the terms of payment?

The last thing you need is to discover that the said roofing company has a different payment plan from what you expected. It’s even worse if they disclose it at the last minute. This question is crucial because it helps you plan around a payment plan that works both ways. Some roofing experts might also demand payment before the project starts or halfway. Since no one wants to be nagged about payment for a project that’s half complete, it’s imperative to ask about the terms first to avoid any contingencies.

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