10 New Trends in American Home Design in 2020

Trends in American design are constantly changing. Homebuilders and homeowners stay on top of the latest movements and they’re discussed at builders and home decor gatherings throughout the nation. Although large gatherings have been put on hold more recently, this doesn’t stop people from talking and planning and sharing their preferences. As we move from quarantined existences to the opening of construction and some businesses throughout the US, we’re going to see the new ideas beginning to take form. Here are 10 new trends in American design that you’re likely to see for 2020.

1. Greater indoor-outdoor connections

American decor is beginning to favor a deeper connection between our indoor and outdoor living spaces. Patios are being incorporated into transitional settings that lead to living areas of the house. Colors, textures, and accessories are used to allow the outdoor environments to spill to the interior of homes. Window walls are also becoming a popular choice. Dining areas are integrated into the immediate outdoor setting in many homes.

2. Modern farmhouse style

Another trend in American design is modern farmhouse styling. This is a current trend that has been around for decades. It seems to never go out of vogue and it’s something that you’ll see trending for years to come. This includes everything from the architecture of the buildings to farm-related accessories and decor throughout the house and property, even if it isn’t a functional farm.

3. Sustainable materials

Another trend in American design that is becoming huge is the use of eco-friendly materials. This design trend follows the social consciousness that has been raised about the need to use more sustainable materials and cut down on waste and pollution. This brings an ethical element into the design also. The trends towards using sustainably sourced items for decor has grown tremendously along with the use of earthy elements that give off a warm vibe.

4. Swag fixtures

It’s amazing how much a lighting fixture can change the personality and mood of a room. One of the latest trends in American decor is the use of Swag fixtures and portables. These components provide accents that occupy their space with a statement about the intention of the overall decor of a room. Swags are being sold in both hardwire and portable forms. This style was popular in the 1960s and it is seeing a resurgence of popularity.

5. More vibrant colors

It’s being predicted that for 2020 American decor will turn towards colors more than the previously popular neutrals. This applies to cabinets, tiles, walls, and accessories. Jewel tones and saturated hues that emit a warm feeling are the trending colors for the year. This may also bring back a surge in the number of interior decorators who recommend a contrast wall or even a contrasting furniture item to add a splash of color to existing otherwise neutrally colored rooms.

6. Patterns

For 2020, a new trend in home decor is going to be patterned. The application of patterns can be applied to most elements of the home with textile designs and the tabletop. Layered patterns are expected to be big. This opens the door for infusing a particular motif that goes along with the patterns selected. There really aren’t a lot of rules applied to use patterning in your design scheme so it’s one of those trends that invites to you be creative and express yourself.

7. Bold ceilings and trim

Another new trend in American design is to create a boldness in trim and ceilings. We’re going to be getting away from the minimalist approach to decor and moving into the use of bold trims as accent points. The use of contrast design is going to be one of the biggest trends for 2020. It can liven up neutrals without the need to change much more than the ceilings and trim. You’re going to see a wide variety of patterns included in the trims that are available. This is a great way to also experiment with the sense of depth through multi-tiered trims and unique designs that give any room a facelift.

8. Burled Wood

Burled wood is an American design trend that has always been popular but it is going to make a big impression for 2020. Furnishings such as tables and stands made with burled wood that has been segmented to show the beauty of the natural grain is going to be a hit this summer. You’ll also see burled wood appear in wall decor and in some table accent accessories. This is an element of our fascination with nature.

9. Suspended planters

We’re already beginning to see a surge in interest in the use of suspended planters as an element of decor. Our fondness of natural and eco-friendly materials has extended to growing live plants and displaying them proudly on our patios and even indoors. Expect to see some new and interesting ideas for both indoor and outdoor suspended planters this year. They’re making a comeback. Growing your own flowers and other plants in a suspended planter is almost reminiscent of the victory gardens that were grown in the war. If you’re still in quarantine then you’ll understand the fascination with watching something grow.

10. Bee Motifs

We’ve gone through the craze with the black and white cow and the dairy theme, along with bluejays and everything yellow and blue for years, but these motifs have started to slow. One of the latest motif trends in American decor is the simple sweet honey bee. You can find the honeybee motif in kitchenware, wallpaper, nicknacks, and more. You’ll especially find kitchen items that are adorned with honey bees. We assume that it’s linked with the sustainability drive, the current threat to the honeybee population, and our fondness with preservation.

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