How to Incorporate the Color “Bird of Paradise” Into Your Home

There is a new trend in home decor for 2018. Tropical themes and the use of the Bird of Paradise in home decor is becoming a popular approach. The new color “Bird of Paradise is a vibrant color that fits in with any warm earthy atmosphere, lending a splash of exotic color. For your enjoyment and consideration, we’re happy to present the latest trends in Bird of Paradise color implementation, how you can incorporate the theme into your home and 20 of the most beautiful rooms that feature this amazing color.

How to incorporate Bird of Paradise into your decor

Whether you prefer a tropical look or warm earthy tones, Bird of Paradise adds a fresh and interesting ambiance by infusing a warm energy into any room. Some of the most recent approaches involve the use of this color as an accent in a darker theme. For example, living room furnishings with a floral print can be livened up with Bird of Paradise accent pillows or throws. The colors pop to draw attention and create a focal point.Use your creativity to decide which accent pieces would give the room you’re designing the perfect blend of darker or muted tones and lively splashes of Bird of Paradise.

Wall treatments

The Benjamin Moore Paint Company offers their rendition of the Bird of Paradise color in their Classic Color Collection. Look through this portion of their generous offerings of 1,680 hues to find the perfect color combinations. Bird of Paradise makes a lovely wall color that works well for use on accent walls, for trim or for just about any combination of wall treatment scenarios you can dream of.

Bird of Paradise in the Kitchen

The KitchenAid manufacturer of fine household appliances has proudly announced the new Bird of Paradise color choice in a variety of kitchen items. The new color made its debut in 2018 and has been named the company’s color of the year. The tropically inspired appliances made an appearance at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago. These offer homeowners yet one more way to customize the total decor of the kitchen with an exciting color that serves as a focal point or for amazing contrast.

Patio accents

Outdoor barbecues luau style are the perfect excuse to introduce the Bird of Paradise color to the theme of your outdoor patio. There is little that gets the attention of guests like a well set outdoor table. A simple green tablecloth suddenly becomes lively and gains personality with a Bird of Paradise table runner and napkins. The theme is appropriate for both outdoor and indoor or covered patio furnishings. Don’t be afraid to add the same treatment to the chair seat and back pads of your patio furniture.

It’s a matter of socio-cultural perspective

The new color translations are keeping pace with recent trends in aesthetics. Brazilian and other tropical themes have been popular choices and the incorporation of Bird of Paradise is one of the additions that allows for even greater creativity in home decor. It is reminiscent of the Tiki Culture that was popular in the 1960s. It’s making a comeback and we’re just at the beginning of the new trends which are emerging.

Thinking outside of the box

There are many more ways that you can incorporate Bird of Paradise into your home decor. Consider draperies and window treatments. Dark prints or solids are brought to life with the addition of the vividly colored tie backs or trim. Hand painted accessories may also be used as accent items in practically any room. Whether your goal is a bright and cheerful room with wild colors, or a more sophisticated ambiance with tasteful color accents, the new trending color for 2018 in Bird of Paradise. What makes this unique color so exciting in the world of fashion and decor is that there are so many different ways that it can be used to create a variety of different moods and impressions. So as you browse through the 20 beautiful rooms featuring Bird of Paradise infusions, consider how you can combine the ideas with your own creative streaks. Think outside of the box when designing your own indoor and outdoor decor with the versatile trending color that’s hot for 2018.

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