How to Choose the Right Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor

There are many ways that you can accessorize your home to make it suit your style and reflect your personality. One way that you can personalize the space and make it interesting is by adding wall décor. The type of wall décor you choose depends not only on the style of your home and your personal preferences but also on which room it is you are accessorizing. The kitchen is a room that can benefit from wall décor, and here is how to choose wall décor for your kitchen.

Why Should You Add Wall Décor to Your Kitchen?

There are several reasons that you should consider adding some wall décor to your kitchen. These include:

  • Color- One way of adding a splash of color to your kitchen is by adding wall décor. However, it is not compulsory to have color in your kitchen, and there are plenty of wall décor options if you prefer to retain a neutral theme throughout.
  • Focal point- A nice item of wall décor will draw your eye to that section of the room, thus acting as an interesting focal point.
  • Creating a theme- If you are trying to decorate or update your kitchen in line with a particular interior design theme, then the use of wall décor can contribute to this.
  • Adding interest- Without wall décor, a kitchen can look rather plain. Adding wall décor makes this room look more interesting.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Wall Décor

As there is so much choice available, it is important that you put some thought into what you buy and how it will look in your kitchen. The following are some points to consider when choosing wall décor for your kitchen.

  • Personal taste- According to Bosa, the number one consideration when choosing wall décor is your personal taste. You should only choose something that you are happy to see every day.
  • Size- The size of the wall art is also important. A large piece of wall décor on a small space can make the room look crowded and feel smaller than it is. Likewise, a small piece of wall décor is completely lost on a large wall.
  • Materials- You should also think about the materials of your wall art. Kitchens tend to have a lot of dust and grease in the air that is produced while cooking. Therefore, you should avoid wall décor that is made from materials that will gather dust and collect the grease. It is best to opt for things that are easy to clean.
  • Style- Try to choose items that reflect the overall interior design theme of the room in terms of style, materials, and colors.

Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Multiple options are available when it comes to choosing wall décor. Some fantastic ideas for wall décor to include in your kitchen include:

  • Paintings and prints- One of the most popular choices for wall décor is paintings or prints, with the latter being the budget-friendly option. Your choice of painting or print depends on your personal taste as there are many different styles available. Some options include vintage, rustic, contemporary, modern, and abstract.
  • Photographs- Many people consider the kitchen the heart of the home and a place where the family can congregate, so they want it to reflect their family. Adding photographs to the wall is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your kitchen and make it a room that is important to everyone.
  • Fun wall art- If you have a fun personality, you can inject some fun into your kitchen. An example of some fun wall décor that you can use is funny quotes. There is plenty of wall décor available that feature such quotes.
  • Decorative pieces- When thinking of wall décor, most people immediately think of paintings and prints. However, there are many other forms of wall art and some of these are best described as decorative pieces. For example, Overstock recommends adding metallic artwork to your wall. These are an interesting focal point to add to your room.
  • Chalkboards- A chalkboard on the wall serves a practical purpose as you can list the groceries you need and write your weekly menu. In addition to its practical use, it can also become an interesting piece of wall art.
  • Mirrors- Adding a mirror to a wall in any room will create the optical illusion of space and light. A decorative mirror is also an interesting focal point in any room. There is a huge selection of mirrors from which you can use in all shapes and sizes. Choose one that is an appropriate size for the wall space and that reflects the general style of your kitchen.
  • Shelving- Architectural Digest suggests using shelving to make an artistic display of cookery books. These are something that you will use in the kitchen, so this gives the books an aesthetic purpose as well as a practical use.
  • Textiles- Many people avoid using textile wall art, such as wall hangings, in the kitchen because they retain grease from the air. However, if you have a large kitchen where you can position textile art away from the greasy areas of the kitchen, then textiles are still an option. These are great for interior design style for which textiles play a key role.

Kitchen Wall Décor – The Final Verdict

Adding wall décor to your kitchen can make the room more interesting, create focal points, and reflect your personality. There are many different kitchen wall décor options, including paintings, prints, decorative pieces, mirrors, chalkboards, photographs, and shelving. The items you choose should reflect your personality, match the theme of your room, and hold visual appeal for you so that you can enjoy looking at the wall décor every day. To make sure you get the perfect wall décor for your kitchen, there are considerations you should make. It is important to choose pieces that are the appropriate size for the wall space available and that are made from materials that are easy to clean and will not retain too much dust and grease.

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