20 Foyer Designs With an Industrial Style Theme

Industrial Foyer

Every time you or your guests step into your home, you are greeted with your foyer. Foyers should be welcoming, and should express the same decor ideas you’ve worked with in your home to keep your decor theme fluid, from the front door, and beyond. Foyers are often neglected when it comes to decorating them. The space is often not always a cut-and-dry area; it may have awkward walls or corners, and it can be broken up with doors, stairs, or other unusual architectural elements. Regardless what type of foyer space you have, you can turn it into a beautiful entry way, even when your home’s decor theme is based on an industrial design. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your foyer with a more industrial look and feel, here are a few tips to help get your creative juices flowing.

Industrial style flooring

One of the key concepts in industrial style decor is flooring. Gharpedia suggests referring to an old industrial building as your guide for industrial elements to use. Picture the types of flooring you might see. My guess is you envision hardwood or concrete. Concrete is a new, and popular flooring choice used in home decor, today, and it’s especially popular for industrial design. You might be surprised to know there are a wide range of colors and textures to choose from when you decide on concrete for flooring. But whatever flooring you choose, adding an area rug or floor runner with a graphic design, can add an industrial welcoming appeal to the foyer.

Accentuate the home’s exposed architectural details

Exposed architectural details are obvious assets for the industrial design. An exposed brick wall in your foyer is a great place to hang a large piece of bold artwork, or a mirror framed in a beautiful industrial finish. Construct an accent a wall with wood planks. Give the planks a worn, distressed look or stain them an industrial gray to create an authentic industrial look. For a simpler way to create an industrial focal wall in your foyer, add a bold industrial style print or textured wallpaper to a wall and get the same effect. Display different decor pieces on your wall by adding floating shelves of different sizes, and set at different heights. On a lower shelf, add a row of rustic metal hooks and you’ve got a great, and practical way to organize your family’s coats, scarves and keys in your entryway.

Fit a piece of furniture or two

Foyers can often be large enough to fit a piece of furniture or two. Set a wood table with wrought iron legs against a wall to use as a decorative item or for practical purposes, for instance, setting a pair of matching industrial style lamps for added light in a dimly lit foyer. A bench made of distressed wood with metal hardware or a metal based bench accented with a coordinating solid gray tufted cushion can add an industrial appeal, plus it’s the perfect solution for needing a place to sit and take off your shoes when you enter the home. No room for a bench? Maybe you’ve got the perfect metal chair with a wood seat that would fit in a corner alongside a brushed metal floor lamp.


Most foyers have an overhead light or chandelier to light the entryway. According to The Spruce, you can get real creative and have some fun when it comes to choosing industrial style chandeliers and lighting fixtures. Some fun choices can include neat industrial styled pendant lights, a selection of ribbed glass chandeliers, cast iron, and one a lot of industrial fans’ favorites, the pulley lighting design. Not only do many of the industrial style of lights have added characteristics, like the ability to be extended due to high ceilings or other purposes, but being able to see the mechanics of the fixtures adds to their charm.

When it comes to any design, keeping the flow of your decor elements cohesive is important. Adding little bits of the same or similar metals is one way to keep the theory of, “less is more,” in check, according to DMarge. If you already have a flow of steel going throughout the home; for instance, your appliances, doorknobs or other decor accents, be sure to include some of the same metal types in your foyer design so that the cohesiveness of your design starts at your front door.

For some really great industrial foyer ideas, keep scrolling and look at the following 20 foyer designs with an industrial theme to inspire you.

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