20 Amazing Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling Design

Look up! What does your ceiling look like? Is it a basic white ceiling? Maybe it even has some very old fashioned popcorn sprayed across it from end-to-end. This is a very unsightly and outdated look, however, even some of the newer homes have very basic ceilings that don’t add anything special to the rooms in your home. If you’re looking for ways to remodel a few rooms in your home, designing a whole new look for your ceiling is one way to create a focal point for any room in your home and give it a lot more character. Ceilings are often overlooked as part of a room’s decor theme, and it shouldn’t be. The ceiling can help tie and entire design idea together and give your room a real Wow! factor. Here’s more about ceiling decor ideas, so don’t stop reading.


One of the most basic decor ideas for any home is to use paint for added color. Of course, the most common place to find paint is on the walls, but more and more, homeowners are including their ceilings when it comes to updating their homes. Paint on a ceiling can really add a whole new look and feel to the room. Rooms with high ceilings can be painted a bold, contrasting color to the walls to help visually lower the height of the ceiling, and make the room feel warmer and cozier. Lighter colors can carry from the wall, upward to the ceiling to create a cohesive look. Tray ceilings are a great way to use accent colors, using lighter and darker colors within the layers of the tray. On a similar level, ceiling wallpaper is also a popular trend and gives you additional options of adding patterns and textures to your ceiling.

Tin tiles

Tin tiles are really popular for giving a room that elegant edge; a dining room, a living room, a kitchen, even a master bedroom. Tin tiles come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures and will instantly transform your room into a stunning example of creative decorating. If you love the vintage look and feel, this is one way to accomplish that, especially if you complete the transformation with a spectacular chandelier. If you’re a DIY kind of homeowner, according to HGTV, this is one project you might be able to tackle yourself. There are a number of steps involved and time consuming, but it can save you some cash by installing them yourself, or with a friend.


Wood beams have always been a staple in home decor for ceilings. The warmth and cozy feeling you get when you walk into a room that boasts beautiful wooden beams across the ceiling, can’t compare to any other. Whether they enhance the look of a Mediterranean home or rustic style home, wood beams are a classic look. If you’re wanting to add wood beams to a room in your home, there are so many ways you can work with wood to create unique patterns and looks on your ceiling that the options are endless. Whether real wood, or faux wood beams, Sebring Design Build lists numerous ways you can get creative with wood, especially faux wood beams. Framing skylights in your ceiling is a charming way to add more lighting to a dark room, creating a Truss on a vaulted ceiling is a spectacular look, or use basic slatted wood across the entire ceiling and paint it to make it pop!


You can get as creative as you want when it comes to decorating your ceiling. From simple and classic looks, to getting really far out and adding unique elements to make your ceiling a major focal point of the room. for some over-the-top ideas, Shelterness shows you some of the most unique ways to decorate any ceiling with very interesting elements. Layered panels across a bedroom ceiling create the look of the ceiling breaking apart. Stenciling words across the ceiling adds a sense of coziness to a bedroom, and stained glass turns a ceiling into a beautiful work of art. Whatever you can imagine, even if it involves suspending an old vintage item from the ceiling, in many cases, it can be done.

If you are looking for ways to make some ceilings in your home go from boring to beautiful, then start here to get some great ideas for your home. To get you started, we’ve put 20 amazing ceiling design ideas together to help inspire you.

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