How To Get Birds Out Of Your Garage


Birds are quite enchanting and equally troublesome creatures, especially when stuck or nest in your building. You’ll often hear a lot of noise from the birds, such as chirping, flapping wings, and unnecessary movements that will leave you bothered, if not annoyed. Although many people have a propensity that birds can have a spiritual symbolism of either peace or a bad omen, it could also be that the bird got into the garage unwittingly and had no exit strategy. You must remove birds nested in your garage gently without harming them.

Why Would Birds Enter Your Garage?

There are many reasons why birds usually find themselves in the garage. As some may enter in without intent, some it could be done intentionally pushed by several different motives, including:


Security is a prime consideration, and their desire for safety is fundamental. Birds are quite good and intelligent at avoiding danger and so view the garage as a safe nesting site away from the seemingly dangerous predators. They see the garage as a safe place to nest and have chicks comfortably.


Birds enter your garage to nest. They choose the place because it protects them from heat, cold, rain, and attacks from enemies, thus making your garage a potential nesting site.

Misguided by lights

According to Futurity, birds are captivated by light sources, a response known as phototaxis. Most birds are specifically attracted to red color, and a simple red light from your car can lure a bird into your garage.


The prime reason birds get into your garage is to feed themselves. Humans tend to leave waste food behind, so by leaving one behind, birds take the chance to exploit that human character, sticking it in your garage.

Effectual Ways On How To Get Birds Out Of Your Garage

It is easy for birds to fly into a garage with a wide-open door, but getting out of it becomes an uphill struggle that brings a vicious cycle. You can intervene in the situation by helping the birds get out of the garage in the most humane way possible by following these simple ways;

Lure Them with Lights

Open all the windows, gates, and possible garage exits, then be patient. Remember, it is easier for a calm bird to find its way out of the garage than a stressed one. Give the bird a lot of time and exit all the same. You can also leave the garage because your presence can intimidate the bird, making it more difficult to exit safely.

Provide a So-Obvious Exit

Darken the garage by covering all the windows and other openings. Turn off garage lights and allow natural lights from the door to reflect the room and give a clear exit for birds. The lights will attract the bird and encourage it to leave.

Carry the bird with a Rake

Alternatively, you can use a rake to remove the bird from the garage. All you need to do is hold the rake up in the air and move it towards the bird. If lucky, the bird will land on the rake. Slowly lower the rake and move it towards the light on the light on the garage door. Once the bird sees an opening with natural light, it will fly away towards the light.

Install an Owl Decoy

Consider installing an owl decoy that is more than just stationery. Install one that makes some movements and emits a bird-deterring noise. Birds are usually intimidated by owls because they consider them predators. You can put up the decoy somewhere in the eye line of the bird. By doing this, the birds will be scared away. Once they leave the garage, you can leave the fake owl decoy in the garage to prevent more birds from coming in.

Allow Your Cat to Help

Cats love and enjoy chasing birds. They can also reach those high and dark places that may seem too hard to reach. Cats will scare away the birds by disturbing them. Although this will impose stress and panic on the birds, making leaving difficult, you can try it.

Put Food and Water by the Exit

Birds love food, especially the seeds and grains, and you can lure them out by using them. Put the food such as bird seed in a shallow trough and water, and place them right in front of the open garage door. Leave the place and allow the bird to get out peacefully after it is done eating.

Use Fishing Net

You can try catching the bird by using a fishing net or a large fabric such as a tablecloth. Firstly, spread the birdseed on the floor and wait for the bird to land there. Once it has stepped on the place, trap it by joining the ends of the net and carry it outside.

Contact Animal Control

If all these alternatives fail, consider contacting animal control to get the birds out of the garage. They are experts in these situations and can easily get the bird out without imposing any harm.

How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garage

It is essential to understand why birds choose to nest in your garage. Getting rid of anything that may have attracted the bird is equally imperative. You can keep the bird from getting into your garage by installing predator statues like owls and snake decoys that will scare them; remember, they have to be mobile and not stationary. You can hang shiny objects such as CDs, foil pans, or silver reflective tapes on a piece of string, birds hate strong, shiny lights and this will automatically scare them away. You can repel them with sounds, and this will work out well.

Final Words

Often, humans are never comfortable living near birds, especially birds who invade their buildings without permission. It could be because of the noises, dirt, and unnecessary movements they make. One may consider removing birds from the garage, while others may consider contacting professionals who are more skilled and have complex tools to help them deal with the situation. When removing the bird, some methods may be more aggressive and others meek. Whichever the case, it is very important to remove the birds using mild and humane ways.

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