18 Incredible Japanese Gardens


Maybe the best idea to take inspiration for your garden is to see the beautiful Japanese gardens, a statement for calmness and Zen sanctuary. Today we present you 18 Japanese gardens that you will absolutely love and that will give you some ideas for your own little green corner of tranquility.

Rocks and sand incorporated among the green lush landscape can be a great representation in your garden, especially since they take your mind to some river and mountain views. Another element used for the Japanese gardens is the moss. Able to resist in some of the most difficult conditions and to stay green a long period of time, moss can be the perfect addition to your garden, especially since the Japanese consider it a peaceful plant.

Koi fish ponds, bridges and different water features are also part of the Japanese culture for gardens, bringing life and color in the scenery. And it’s not just the beauty, as they bring relaxation, creating such a calm ambiance.

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