Why You Should Use Copper Nails to Kill a Tree

Most of us have come across trees on our property that is either in the wrong place or causes some type of dilemma. How in the world do you kill a tree? Some trees are extremely hardy and they’re hard to kill unless you cut them down or take some other drastic measure. There is one foolproof method that has been used for decades to rid properties of unwanted tree growth. The best way to kill a tree is with a copper nail. Here is why you should use copper nails to kill a tree.

Why you might want to kill a tree

Some trees are simply growing in the wrong place. They can cause damage through spreading roots to nearby structures and foundations. They may also cause sidewalks or porches to buckle if they’re growing underneath them. Some trees are not attractive and they become nuisances when they drop debris onto yards and driveways and some invite unwanted infestations of bugs and other pests.

How do you kill a tree with a copper nail?

The copper nail is a slow way to kill a tree. It systematically poisons the tree causing it to fade away and die. According to Hunker, using copper nails to kill a tree is a four-step process. begin by pounding a copper nail at a downward angle at the base of the tree you want to kill. Larger copper nails will work faster. The longer the better because it will penetrate more deeply into the tree.

Hammer copper nails all around the tree in a ring. Space them about a half of an inch apart until you’ve completely circled the tree. This results in a higher concentration of copper going directly into the tree. As the metal oxidizes, the poison seeps into the tree without harming the landscape around it.

When you’re finished pounding a circle of nails around the tree, cover the heads with mud to hide the nails. It improves the appearance of the tree while it’s in the process of dying. Onlookers won’t know what you’re up to and you won’t need to take the time to explain your actions to tree lovers who think it’s a moral wrong. The final step is to remove the tree. You must remember to remove the nails from the tree if you’re using saws or other equipment. You don’t want to ruin sawblades by running into the copper nails that remain.

Why are copper nails the best solution for killing trees?

There are plenty of ways to kill off an unwanted tree. According to Backyardables, the fastest way to kill a tree is to just cut it down. This isn’t always an option. There are other ways like using toxic chemicals. The fastest working tree killer is Tordon. You just drill a few holes in the ground near the roots and pour this poison inside, then cover up the holes. It’s fast and it’s a good way to kill a tree without anyone knowing what you’ve done. The main drawback of this method is that the poison remains in the ground. It could cause damage to other plants or animals in the area. It could stay in the ground for years to come.

Using copper nails are ecologically friendly

While driving a copper nail into a tree or a tree stump is not friendly to the tree, it is one of the safest methods for the environment. When compared to some of the other ways of killing a tree, such as using diesel or poison, it’s the best solution. Chemicals leach into the surrounding ground around the tree and may even seep into water supplies. The copper nail simply sits in the tree to be killed and causes no other kind of harm. It’s the most environmentally friendly way to get the job done.

Myths about copper nails

There are a lot of people who believe that the copper sulfate produced by copper nails has a restorative property for some fruit trees. The old myth that has been perpetuated suggests that copper nails ward off fungus. Some have even used copper to attempt to restore the health of fruit trees. While just one copper nail in a tree is not likely to kill it, there is no significant benefit to the tree by doing this. Copper nails do not ward off fungus. This is a myth that has been debunked according to Stuff. They get down to the hardcore facts and dispel commonly held untruths.

Final thoughts

The business of killing trees can be approached from a few different angles. Poisoning is the go-to method for those who want to kill the tree quickly and have it done. Although it’s an efficient way to do the job, it isn’t the most ecologically responsible method. There are far better ways to kill a tree. Using copper nails is one of them.

We support this method because it only kills the tree that the nails are hammered into. It does so slowly and methodically that makes it look as though the tree has just become diseased and died of natural causes. It keeps the suspicion off o the person who hammers the nails around the trunk. The nail heads are easy to hide from prying eyes and it cuts down on the amount of explaining that homeowners must undertake for those who are not in favor of killing trees.

Although it’s a slow method for killing a tree, it also gives you time to make arrangements for the removal of the tree once it is completely dead. Although dishonesty is never recommended, it can also save you the hassle of trying to convince a family member of the necessity to have a nuisance tree removed from your property.

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